Thursday, April 18, 2013

So the other day, my son came to my all smiles with a small packet of papers. It was a print out of several of the pages of this blog...this poor little blog I've neglected for almost over 2 1/2 years. I've whined about wanting perfect eloquent entries being the reason I haven't written. I'm going to try to quit with the excuses and just least *something* every day. So today, April 18th, 2013 we're sitting out on our beautiful porch for the first time since last fall. I try to not write "political" posts anymore, or any posts not directly related to our family anymore...this is a space for my son and daughter. But then again, there's something for leaving a record of "how Mama felt about things", as Amy Grant says in her dedication of her album Lead Me On to her first child. So I'll just say that I'm furious that the Senate failed to pass even the slightest common sense gun control yesterday. I want a better country for my kids. So we're looking forward to summer. A birthday visit to Nana. A trip back to Bar Harbor, Maine. We went there for the first time as a family last summer, and Evan says he wants to go there every summer forever. :-) (He also says he wants to live with us in this house forever). And trips to Kimball Farms for ice cream. And we love to eat out, so we try to only go places we can eat outside in the summer. The Country Store in Carlisle. And yikes, LIVE MUSIC. I wrote that on one of my "to do" lists for my kids a long time ago. I really want to go to as much outdoor music as we can. Falcon Ridge folks festival feels like a bit much right now. (Summer 2011 Kevin made a point of sitting us down at the computer to watch Pete Seeger at the Newport Folk Festival. I'm glad they've at least SEEN him, if only on the computer screen...he's such a national treasure).

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