Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer 2013

I remember back when I wanted to be some great "mommy blogger" I read articles that said, "don't post about how long its been since you posted"! LOL! And as much as I'd be tickled if other moms read these posts and were encouraged, inspired, or - I'll be honest - impressed with my humor, eloquentness, etc...I need to remember that's really not what I'm going to care about 10 years from now. I'll be tickled pink if my kids feel like they have a treasure in this blog. Memories I never manage to get down in a journal. Whoever woulda thunk I would have trouble just quieting my mind enough to write blog entries on my computer! LOL!

The kids are off to Cape Cod for the day to swim in the ocean and play on the beach with their Daddy. I hate to miss any experience with the kids - much as I *love* when Daddy takes them to the playground or the grocery store and I get some quiet time that isn't long after I should be asleep to be more "on my game" the next day. I'm listening to a live performance of Amy Grant sing "Don't Try So Hard". I love this song so much. Its about how we don't need to do ANYTHING to "earn" the love of God. Its always there...we just need to listen. Breathe. I know that if I could remember this more often I wouldn't stress so much about whether I'm doing things "right", and I'd just DO them! LOL!

If anyone is reading this and has advice for any of my conundrums I wouldn't mind if you'd share in the comments. ;-) If anyone ELSE read, maybe they'll get some helpful encouragement too. I'm so not ready for fall, the end of the summer, the shortening days, the cold - and then WINTER! Yikes! So not ready for all that. But the one thing I am thrilled to see return is our worship service Worship at The Well at Hancock Church. I just love this place. Hancock Church is a wonderful community of beautiful folks. And that service feeds my soul so deeply. The music is amazing. The never-to-be-mentioned-publicly sweet hubby plays piano and sings in the band, The River Rock Band. If you've read "about this blog" you know I named it after an Amy Grant speaks to me on such a spiritual level, its just the greatest gift. And the music and The Well is such a gift. kids are not as excited about the start up of going to church again (The Well doesn't meet in the summer, and we never seem to manage to get our sorry butts there for morning worship). Or about Sunday school. :-( I love our Sunday school and I don't know why exactly they feel this way - but like everything else that goes "wrong" in their lives - I'm convinced it my fault! LOL! Evan took to Sunday school at our beloved Hope Central Church so immediately. He would come home and ask me to read the same bible story that they talked about in church school! I felt so blessed, as I had NOTHING to do with this. The first Christmas he had any understanding of what Christmas was, he said to me, "Momma, I don't want Santa to come, I just want Jesus to come". Oh my GOSH. So happy. But his love for Sunday school waned before we moved to Hancock - at the time I hoped it was just a phase. So anyway. I try to connect God to conversation whenever the opportunity should arise. {{Sigh}} As I've mentioned before, I really want my kids to grow up feeling God's love, knowning they can call on Her, even when Mommy and Daddy screw up. So the beat goes on, and I try my best, and hope/pray for the best.

The summer was busy and fun. The kids took two sessions of swimming lessons, one in July before our travels, and one in August after we returned. Amelie had her swim teacher Apple who she had last summer, and this just thrilled her. Last year she drew Apple a picture of an apple to give to her. We love our local water park, Springsbrook Park. They met up with friends after lessons, hung out at the dock whenever they could (jumping off the dock is a favorite thing to do there), and there were some fun performances by the picnic area too!

For our first trip of the summer, shortly after school ended, we went to Bar Harbor. We stayed at The Bar Harbor Motel as we did last summer, as Evan informed us last summer that our vacation was to be at Bar Harbor *every* summer, and we should also always stay there. If you ask Evan or Amelie about our vacation in Maine, most likely the first thing they will HAVE to tell you about is the motel pool. LOL!

After the first round of swimming lessons, it was off to Nana's in NJ to celebrate her birthday. While there we visited The Bergen County Zoo. The kids love their train, their carousel, and Evan was most pleased that they had a tapir! We also went to a little butterfly place where the kids got to see butterflies up close when they would land on a little stick w/ food on it.

And then we were off to Washington D.C.!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

So the other day, my son came to my all smiles with a small packet of papers. It was a print out of several of the pages of this blog...this poor little blog I've neglected for almost over 2 1/2 years. I've whined about wanting perfect eloquent entries being the reason I haven't written. I'm going to try to quit with the excuses and just least *something* every day. So today, April 18th, 2013 we're sitting out on our beautiful porch for the first time since last fall. I try to not write "political" posts anymore, or any posts not directly related to our family anymore...this is a space for my son and daughter. But then again, there's something for leaving a record of "how Mama felt about things", as Amy Grant says in her dedication of her album Lead Me On to her first child. So I'll just say that I'm furious that the Senate failed to pass even the slightest common sense gun control yesterday. I want a better country for my kids. So we're looking forward to summer. A birthday visit to Nana. A trip back to Bar Harbor, Maine. We went there for the first time as a family last summer, and Evan says he wants to go there every summer forever. :-) (He also says he wants to live with us in this house forever). And trips to Kimball Farms for ice cream. And we love to eat out, so we try to only go places we can eat outside in the summer. The Country Store in Carlisle. And yikes, LIVE MUSIC. I wrote that on one of my "to do" lists for my kids a long time ago. I really want to go to as much outdoor music as we can. Falcon Ridge folks festival feels like a bit much right now. (Summer 2011 Kevin made a point of sitting us down at the computer to watch Pete Seeger at the Newport Folk Festival. I'm glad they've at least SEEN him, if only on the computer screen...he's such a national treasure).