Thursday, September 02, 2010

Two preschoolers - a Butterfly & a Chocolate Chip Cookie!

Its been forever since I've written about these amazing little beings I live with. I actually started this entry back on September 9th, and it is now October 30th!This is partly because these two little beings feel like at least a dozen when their energy combines. And partly because they both have become quite adept at the lap top computer and its touch pad mouse - so there's competition for the computer!

The summer went by fast and was full of wonderfulness. The kids and their Daddy went to the beach a lot. Mama made one ceremonial trip over the sand on the last trip. Springsbrook Part is more my speed...or should I say more my terrain. ;-)

We took our first big road trip to Warren Pennsylvania to visit with Evan and Amelie's Godfamily (their Godparents and their two fabulous girls!). They've come to us when each child was born and baptized. I was so excited to finally travel to them, to take the family on a "road trip". The travel went well, so I hope this bodes well for the future and the possibility of lots of travel in the summertime (at least until their summers start to fill up with activities..which will probably be soon).

It is amazing to have two preschoolers. I still can't believe it some days. They continue to amaze me with their beautiful spirits, their kindness, and their observations of the world around them. I'm starting to think more about the things I record, try to save for them on this blog. I started out wanting to make it super-reader not just for the kids, but that other folks out there would enjoy (I have mommy-blogger envy). But that included adding pictures to entries, and to be honest, I'm making photo books now, and more interested in making sure I caption every picture I upload to my shutterfly account so I don't forget why I took the picture or the "unseen" memories that went with them. ANd I realized...there are so many special moments and little memories we *didn't* get on camera (and not 'cause we didn't try! We've got lots of pictures..and I'm so glad).

One of the things I remember from when Evan was a baby, is how when Daddy would pick him up, he would lean in and suck on his nose! LOL! It was so funny...we'd laugh every time...and each time Daddy leaned in, we would wonder, "Is he gonna do it this time?". At first it was especially funny because Evan's cousin Nora had done it to Kevin as well. We laughed that there must just be something about that nose!

I realized recently (with horror!) that there aren't many pictures of me holding Amelie when she was a baby! I rationalize that this is because when Evan was born, we had time and energy (comparatively ;-) for lots of pictures of every moment - lots of pictures. I must have sat with the camera while he would lay on the bed, because there are dozens of photos of him in the same outfit, photo after photo! LOL. But once Amelie was born, everything started to feel 10 times busier, not 2 times. ;-) Evan got mobile, there was nursing, life just got totally nuts. Gloriously, happily NUTS!

I am also trying to make myself feel better by thinking, "I was busy giving love and aren't as important as that!"...but it doesn't always work. I just love having these memories in a tactile, physical way that the kids can look at someday. So I'm going to try extra hard to get down the memories here that I haven't captured in pictures, or with some other kind of memento.

This will be more challenging...because it makes me realize, I don't want this blog to just tell the kids about things they did as kids, or fun things for them to remember. I want it to tell them more. I liken this blog to Amy Grant's album "Lead Me On"...she said she wanted to record the songs she did so her kids would know a little about "how Momma felt about things". I busy myself taking pictures, and when I can, writing things down here.
But those won't be the most special things, if they can go back in time, and know just how very much I loved them, from the moment they were born. Through the fun and the craziness. When I was hugging or laughing with them...or yelling at them about something (who'll remember what those things that made me yell were anyway?). Maybe they will remember Momma crying "for no reason". These were moments when I was just overtaken with emotion at how special they are, how kind, how loving. Or at how fast they are growing up. It can feel like a moment I'm yelling "stop that!" and wishing for quiet time alone with a latte...and the next I'm just brought to tears at how beautiful they are - what amazing spirits of joy they truly are.

Both Amelie and Evan are preschoolers now. Next year Evan will start kindergarten! I can't believe how fast *that* came around! Its all whizzing by...maybe this blogging and picture taking is really just my way of *trying* to make time stand still...if just for a little while.