Tuesday, July 06, 2010

3 and 4

So its been almost a month since my last post. Summer was supposed to mean lots more blogging, lots more reflecting on life with my little ones. Its not that I haven't noticed lots of moments and lots of aspects of their little personalities worth noting. Its just life keeps flying by me.

So far this summer, Amelie has had her hair cut and put in pigtails, which shaved about a year off of her, which I loved. (They're both growing up too fast!). But when I call her my "baby", she promptly informs me, "No, Mommy - me a BIG girl!". Sometimes I wonder whether she is supposed to have stopped referring to herself as "me" yet...but part of me is dreading the fact that its probably going to fade away very soon...much like her babyhood has. She starts every day by sleepily wandering into our room and after I greet her, she says, "Good Morning, Mommy". Its the sweetest thing.

Evan is just so smart. He remembered the names of two beaches he hasn't been to in a year. And I wouldn't be surprised at all if he could tell us HOW to get to them. ;-) He likes to ask Daddy when we're driving, "Daddy, is this the actual way to..?" wherever we're going. And recently his sister has picked up on it and started asking us.

So for as long as I can remember, Evan sat behind Daddy in the car, and Amelie sat behind me on the passenger side. Just the other day, we put in a new car seat for Evan, and moved Amelie's to his, so they have switched spots. Its nice to be able to turn and see Amelie, but strange not to see Evan sitting there. Its also weird to hear his voice right behind me and hers off to the side. But Evan is most excited to have a new car seat, and Amelie is pleased to be in her "big brother Evan's" car seat. Other plans for the summer include converting our extra bedroom we've been using for storage into Amelie's bedroom. Again, I can't picture them not sleeping across from each other in the same room. We'll have to see what they think of it.

Evan inevitably ends up in our bed several nights a week. Amelie does it too. Although when she does it, it is almost undetectable the way she just slides on in. Evan makes much more of a production of it, squirming into just the right spot, elbowing and kneeing us...and without fail stealing the covers. And heaven forbid if he wanders in and Amelie is already there. "Oh no! Amelie's in my spot! Now I can't cuddle!". We do our best to discourage this kind of regressive behavior, but I can't honestly say I mind when either of them acts like a "baby" again. ;-)

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