Thursday, June 10, 2010

Life Keeps a Rollin'

So I've been waiting for a bolt of lightning-type inspiration. It isn't coming, yet lots of great memories - small but delightful - are passing by. So its just time to note some.

Evan's brain is amazing. He remembers things from so long ago, or things you told him so long ago. He takes special notes of restaurants (yeah, he's our kid alright ;-). He can tell you the names of all the restaurants and take-out places all the way down Great Road, onto Mass Ave as you go from Bedford to Lexington and Arlington. He loves the dumplings at Jade Garden. And both kids have come to the conclusion that Mexican food means balloons, because the 3 places we go for Mexican now, all give them balloons. (Amelie has been making a special point to request Margarita's, our latest discovery).

Whenever we're going somewhere in the car now, Evan will *always* ask, "Is this the actual way to such-and-such a place?", no, we're actually just going to drive in circles for a few hours, we're not really going there. ;-)

I continue to be grateful for Evan's consciousness about God. He said the other day, "Christmas is Jesus' birthday, because that's when she was born". :-)

All is not fun and games. It never has been, I just don't tend to post about the stuff that drives me nuts. But the lateast things for a while now has been the struggle around teeth brushing. Neither kid liked the switch to older kid toothpaste so they developed this ritual of running through the bathroom, into the hallway, and into our room and back into the bathroom, all in a circle. And Evan would say, "When I say "kite", you catch me!"....don't know where the kite thing came from but the catching was because that was all I could think to do to get them to stop running and brush their teeth.

We have since replaced the new toothpaste with another fluoride one that tastes more like their baby toothpaste and things are calming down a *little*.

Amelie has velcro sneakers now and "me do it MYself!" is her mantra. She is amazing at whipping together puzzles, and at CONCENTRATION. My memory sucks so this is a good development.

She got dress up clothes from Grandma for her birthday that included a little microphone. She likes to rap like the koala character on Ni Hao Kilan....and so she was rapping into her mic, "Me Amelie, its my birthday!"

Evan is loving on the Elephant and Piggy books. And we're using the library more....we got one of them and a new Bear book of the "bear snores on" series.

Its late so hopefully I'll get more down later. Life is crazy but fun, the kids are nutty but total joys.

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