Sunday, April 04, 2010

Make Bad Things Better

Evan recently had a unit in preschool on woodworking. He learned to use a saw, screwdriver, hammer. They all made their own projects. Evan made a gadget that is a block of wood, with a smaller block nailed crosswise under it. And then a "handle" coming out of the top. (I'll get a picture up here, I can't do it justice). Its painted light red and light green, and has purple glitter on it (that was for me Evan reported).

So this is is "make bad things nicer" machine. It makes bad things...well, nicer.

I like the idea that he can make a machine for this purpose, that he still believes in his power to make bad things better. As we were driving home from church on Easter, Evan and his dad started talking about Jesus and Easter. I was so glad because I was feeling like my explanation about eternal life and living on forever in Heaven sorely lacking. So way over his head. I wanted him to understand that the people we love who die, never really die because they go to be with God in Heaven, and someday we'll go to Heaven too and be with them again. But I worry that this will mess with helping him understand that indeed when people die, they don't "come back". But I want him to live with the hope of Heaven. In the end, I guess faith really isn't something you "explain" to a just try to live it the best you can, and hope it rubs off on them.

But Evan and Daddy talked about how Jesus wanted everyone to love each other, and he was in a fight for love. There were people who didn't want love to win...they wanted the fighting. But Jesus didn't want us to be fighting, he wanted us to love each other. And on Easter we celebrate that Jesus won, that love won. I remembered last year how our church had a big banner across it proclaiming "Love Wins!". I can't think of anything better to instill in a child than the conviction that no matter what bad awful things happen in the world, that people do...that in the end, Love wins. God wins.


Moxie Momma said...

Hi Amy! Decided to visit your blog when I saw you as a fan on my Moxie Momma FB page. Thanks for joining my madness!
When I read this post I could relate so much. In fact, I just recently did a post on kids and bliss. Looking forward to getting to know you a bit through your blog. And thanks again for becoming a fan of Moxie Momma!

Amy said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by! My blog isn't as focused or beautifully written as a lot of blogs, so in addition to just finding a sisterhood of virtual friends who "get it", I hope to learn ways to make my blog better. :-) Looking forward to hearing more from you!