Monday, April 12, 2010


Life can get so crazy around here, I often feel like I'm on a crazy train and I didn't even realize it when I was letting off the brake..and that I wouldn't be able to get that brake back on.

But I'm stopped and time stands still every time I am blown away by some of life's more wonderful moments. When all the mess, the noise, the arguing, the craziness, and the mess. don't really matter.

Like when Evan and Amelie settle down together and have a tea party and sit and "chat" like best girlfriends. (yes, Evan's a boy ;-). Or when Evan cuddles up next to me before bed and informs me (in the cutest little baby voice), "I'm in my comfy nest". When Evan comes home from school, Amelie runs to the gate at the top of the stairs and exclaims, "Evan home! Evan, you're home!

While they are both very outwardly affectionate, it still makes my heart skip when I tell one of them "I love you", and they reply "I love you too, Mommy" (or in Amelie's case, "Me love you too, Mommy"). They are such their own people. They have their own agendas, which sometimes can be maddening, but this independence can be a lifesaver.

Now that Spring is here (Wahoo!), they both bolt out the door when we're off somewhere, and before getting in the car, they go around the yard checking out all the flowers. Evan knows their names too....he'll point out the tulips, the crocuses, and the forsythia bushes.

Evan is a lot bigger than Amelie. But he still will ask me to "hold me like a little baby", because Amelie will ask me to "hold me like little baby". And I gladly oblige. There are already so many moments where they just bolt off to go explore without even looking back. I'll take any opportunity they'll give me to hold on to them tight like little babies.

My latest fashion accessory is a beaded necklace Evan made for me at preschool. He went to the zoo w/ a friend last week, and my friend who took him told me that all the way down Great Road, he showed Julie where *all* of the restaurants were. Hey, we have our priorities straight around here. Our kid can always tell you where the best places to eat are.

There are so many other things that Evan and Amelie are doing that are delightful. Many more posts to come!

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