Sunday, February 21, 2010

My rapidly growing babies

Life goes so fast these days. There have been so many cute, sweet, clever moments from Amelie and Evan that I have wanted to capture in writing that I let go by. Hopefully most of them will come rushing back to me and I'll jot them down eventually. But truly, there is too much to capture it all. They are growing up, learning new things, changing into "their own" little people so quickly.

Evan has become quite the computer wiz-kid. He can go over to Kevin's computer and start up his sling-box and watch whatever he wants. Never mind that he can start a browser and move from NickJr. to Sprout to PBS kids faster than you could imagine.

Amelie has changed *so* much in the last two weeks or so. Her short phrases ("me do it", "mommy, drink") are no more. She has dialog back and forth with you now! It is amazing. I just love it when she stumbles out of bed and trudges sleepily into our room...those pj's that go from head to foot so she's all pink hearts or blue lions are so adorable. And she is happy from the first moment she opens her eyes (provided you don't ask her to open her eyes earlier than she wants to ;-).

Evan can be happy when he wakes up, or he can have a list of complaints he rolls out for you one after the other. But on those mornings he wakes up peaceful, it is the sweetest thing in the world. He speaks slowly and quietly. Is is a lovely time of day.

Evan has started coming into our room at night and crawling in between us. I know in my mind we need to re-direct him back to his own bed, but when he lies next to me with that sweet sleepy face, I want to just hold onto him, and freeze him in time.

We just came to the end of a vacation with Kevin home. That is always a wonderful time, the kids enjoy Daddy and his attention so much. They get piggy back rides, and get to sit on Daddy's lap and read stories. They love going grocery shopping with him. He's come home with Dora and Spongebob soups that they have picked out for him.

Back to the "routine", such as it is, tomorrow.

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