Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pass It On

When Evan was little, every time he got a new stuffed toy, he went straight for the tag. It didn't matter what it was, if it had a tag, that was its most endearing quality. So I was thrilled to discover that two moms had figured out that many infants love tags, and made a whole line of toys with tons of tags all over them! :-)

We should have seriously bought stock in the Taggies company. We have two blankets (one with letters and numbers, one with a little angel sleeping on a moon that says "Our Little Angel), a mirror rattle, a ball, a triangle-shaped triangle on a ring, just to start.

I strongly associate Taggies with Evan as a baby. So didn't he just have to show me that he *isn't* a baby anymore, when this morning after I retold the story of how he loved his little blanket as a baby, he said, "We should pass this on to another baby, Mama". I was so proud of my little man.


Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

I got one of those when Vivi was a baby but she never liked it although she LOVED the tags on everything else. It's like somehow she knew what it was for and thus too boring! My turtles love them though!

Amy said...

Heh heh...that's a good point. I'm surprised that didn't happen with Evan, actually. I think he did still prefer "real" tags, though. ;-) Love the latest picture of your children up on your blog! And relate to the feelings when hubby is off doing "things". I try to just be thankful he doesn't have to travel for work like some of my friends' hubbies do on a regular basis...but that kind of thinking isn't really like me, usually. ;-)