Monday, November 16, 2009

Our childrens' play lives

Pretend or fantasy play has been a part of our children's lives for a while now. Evan likes to turn over a little tot seat that they've both outgrown, and call it his "Coffee store" (He is very in tune with his mother's love of coffee ;-). And he and Amelie both love to play kitchen with their Dora kitchen (although Evan will use it just as often as his drum set).

Amelie has also always loved to line things up, from her little people ("MY people" she calls them), to lining up all the tea cups and plates that Grandma gave them in a row on the table. Kevin and I both laughed last night when she lined up all the cards from her Dora concentration game in a nice straight, Looong row across our bedroom floor. (This was during one of her more and more common nights of insomnia.). And just now, I walked into our room to find her with the cards in nice little rows...and she had all of the garden tools Nana gave the kids neatly packed in the pockets of her overalls, and holding the play watering can, she was WATERING the Dora cards. She seems very proud of her pink, red and purple garden.

Something must be falling 'into place' around here amongst all the craziness. I'm noticing these sweet moments more and more. And we're starting to get into CRAFTS. God help me. I think it is a good sign that my copy of Rosie's Crafy U that used to overwhelm me, is actually getting me excited. Off to browse and some other sites for some craft supplies. Or maybe comes my little gardener with all of her "flowers" tucked neatly in her pockets.

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