Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, my last post was intended to be a list of all I'm thankful for, and while I did mention a few things, I used the excuse that this blog is "about my children" to avoid sitting and really thinking deeply about *all* the things I am grateful for. Maybe because it is because its such a long list, it's embarrassing to think about how often I gripe. But this blog, as I've mentioned, is as much to tell my children "how their Momma felt about things" (to steal a quote from Amy Grant, again) as it is to share things about their childhood I want us all to remember. So here goes:

I'm grateful for my children. For their cheery dispositions, and sweet personalities (among other things).

I'm grateful for my faith community, and for this rich Spiritual time in life. I wish that I always felt this way about my faith, and the growth and maturing of my faith...but I'm grateful for the fact that in times when I'm frustrated by my lack of Spiritual growth or excitement, I now know and remember that it always comes back, eventually.

I'm grateful for my dishwasher. We didn't have one during our 10 years in Arlington. :-)

I'm grateful we could afford a lovely home, with all the space we need, and an attached garage so I don't have to walk over an icy walkway or climb icy stairs in the winter time.

I'm grateful that my children, especially Evan, seem to be growing up *very* aware of Jesus and God. I made it to adulthood with a vague understanding of God that served me just fine, but I'm grateful my children will hopefully grow up always knowing that God is always there for them. People will fail them, as I have more times than I like to think about...but God never will.

I'm grateful for my childrens' Godparents, who are thoughtful, caring, devout people who actively help us in our efforts to raise our children knowing God. And have taught me a thing or two too. I'm grateful for their "god sisters" too...who are sweet and loving, and love my kids too.

I'm grateful for the big beautiful window in our living room. Right now there is NO sun coming in through it...but in the fall, it gives us a view of a gazillion beautiful leaves. (OK, I just have to say I am socked that spell checker says gazillion is really a word - I thought I'd made it up! LOL!).

I'm grateful for Springtime at our home, when our front window will be filled with the pink flowers from the tree right in the front of the house, and our *two* lawns on either side of the house will be awash with color from all the flowers we'll have.

I'm grateful to my husband, mother-in-law *and* my kids for planting all those bulbs!

I'm grateful to my husband, who does such a lovely job in general with our "landscape" - its big, and its a lot of work. I'm grateful he strings lights on a tree in our backyard and that our kids think its so cool we have TWO Christmas trees.

I'm grateful for Facebook. I've spent too much time on it this past year, but it got me through a rough patch of being stuck in the house with the babies too much, and my grief over losing my aunt.

OK, so more specifically, I'm grateful to all of my FRIENDS on Facebook and the chance to reconnect with some of them, and to be in more contact with some others. I'm grateful for all the helpful advice and support, especially from my fellow mom friends. But I'm also grateful for all the "littler" interactions of just hearing about peoples' days, and lives...and sharing mine.

I'm grateful for our master bathroom. I just love having a bathroom door *in* my room! (I especially appreciated it when I was pregnant ;-)

I'm grateful that my son, who was born too early, did just fine and never had any lingering problems as a result. I'm grateful for my friends and family, especially my husband, for supporting me when I was so nervous before he left the hospital.

I'm grateful for music. It has blessed my life with joy, encouragement, comfort, and inspiration. I'm grateful that my children love music.

I'm grateful for hot drinks in the winter, especially cider and the lovely flavors of coffee there are in the fall & winter. :-)

I'm grateful for the YMCA. I haven't lost much weight, or gotten in the shape I wish I had by now...but I know that I'm healthier for all the pounds I've lifted and the cardio work. I'm grateful to the staff there who are SO encouraging and helpful, and to the pals I have there who help pass the time.

I'm grateful that my Dad and my aunt were in my life, that their spirits live on in me through their example and all they taught me, and that I'll see them again someday. And for my half sister Bev and the poetry she shared with me, and especially my half-brother Rick, who never felt like "half" anything.

I'm grateful for my mom, especially for all the support she's given me since I became a mom.

I'm grateful for my "light box" and being able to handle dark winters better.

I'm grateful for how appreciative and joyous my kids are. Especially the way Evan points out everything he thinks is just so great!

I'm grateful for my daughter's sunny disposition, the way she loves to help, how much she's talking these days and the way she wanders out here to the living room in the morning and asks to be picked up.

She just did that, so that's the end of my list....at least for now. Happy THanksgiving everyone!

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AmyLizK said...

Beautiful list. Happy holidays. :)