Sunday, November 22, 2009


I hope I am raising my kids to be grateful. I've been working on this blog entry for quite a while now, probably because I am guilty of forgetting all of my blessings, in the midst of keeping up with two toddlers...but now its just in time for Thanksgiving, and to share this video of Moose A. Moose from Nick Jr. singing a song about being grateful for having so much to share! I am blessed that I have very grateful, appreciative children. They are always so excited by every little thing we do, so grateful for anything we give or do for them. They're setting an example I hope to live up to someday.

I don't think of myself as a particularly UN-grateful person, but lately I know I have let little annoyances and small, temporary inconveniences make me grumpy and negative. I'm grateful that it isn't very long after I'm in one of those moods, one of the kids or Kevin does something so cute, funny or just plain sweet that I snap out of it. I only wish that I was better at remembering just how blessed my life is when I am stressed or tired, and let out my "less-than-best-self".

I'm always thinking and talking about how I want my kids to grow up realizing that not everyone has all of the blessings we do. Around the world, and right here in our own country, there are people who have to struggle for things we just take for granted. There are people who don't have enough *food* to eat, or who can't afford to have a doctor take care of them. How wonderful it would be if my kids could live long enough to see a time when this world has figured out a way to work together to make sure everyone has what they need. How much more joyous life would be, if we had a more just world.

Evan is singing the Moose Thanksgiving song right now. I hope they always realize the blessings they have. I think they will. And I hope they always know (and I always remember to tell them) how grateful I am for them, and the joy they've brought to our lives.

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