Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Things Kids Say

I get such a kick out of so many cute and clever things my children do. And the things they say. This list will get edited as I collect more to add.


"Daddy cooks on the grill just like Sponge Bob!"

Evan: "Pick me up, Amelie."
Amelie: "No, Evan!"
Evan: "You can't Amelie, that's because you're little."

"That's you, Mommy!" (Pointing to an image similar to this one below on his Alternative Alphabet place mat.)


"Thank you" and "No thank you" (notable I think because she's only 2 and says them every time)

Argh! I can never think of them all when I sit down to write. Like I said, will have to edit/add to this later.

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