Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Sound of Music

It makes my heart sing to think that I am passing down the love of music that my parents instilled in me to my children. Kevin and I both love music. And our children are already following in our footsteps.

Evan enjoys playing his toy violin. His favorite song (of the 12 or so you can play automatically on this toy) is what has become known in our house as "the yellow button song". Its "My Love is Blue", and I have to look up the composer's name. But he always goes for this song, hums it when he isn't playing...and was pretty tickled when we heard it on the radio the first time. I think what impressed me most is that he has held the violin in precisely the right way, from almost the first time he "played" it.

He also likes to "play" the piano. Luckily, our piano is we can listen from a distance.

Evan likes to drum the best. He has a collection of "drums" sitting in the dishwasher before we close it. (The pasta pot, strainer and other assorted pots). Lately he has taken to drumming along with songs we play on the cd player in the kitchen. (This was a gift from my dear Aunt Barbara "Auntie", though I have yet to get him hooked on country music like my aunt did for me.) I can definitely see him years from now, using our guest room (downstairs) as his drumming room.

Evan definately has favorite songs. At the moment they are "Victor Vito" by Laurie Berkner, and "Violin" by They Might be Giants. (He calls it "speck of dust", a line from the song.). Evan first discovered TMBG's on two DVDs we have about the alphabet and numbers. He loves the songs on these, and was very amused when he found out that some of them were on the cd "No No No!". He listens to these few favorite songs *over* and *over* again. The repeat button on the cd player has become my new best friend.

And Evan is his father's son. His memory amazes me. He learned the lyrics to the song "Alphabet of Nations" - at THREE years old. I don't think I could ever memorize the whole song! He sings many other lyrics to TMBG...and these are not repetitive songs to say the least.

Amelie enjoys playing her guitar with Evan. I think she likes the *idea* more than actual playing...since this guitar broke and doesn't actually make any sound anymore. But she rocks back and forth in a way that would make Wynonna proud. (Girls With Guitars). :-)

Another singer Evan likes is Elizabeth Mitchell. He loves "Peace Like a River". This is a cd we mostly listen to in the car, and often this song is on repeat for the whole trip. We always listen on the way to church. At church he loves the "Amen" that is sung when the offering is brought forward by the children. He also likes her "Alphabet Ditty"...its just an ABC song, but it is funky.

The other day I asked Evan if there were any instruments we didn't have that he would like. He told me he wanted a clarinet and a saxophone. We have lots of music to look forward to!

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