Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Evan's first day of school

Amelie loves to line up things. It started with *all* of the little figurines I mentioned she collected in her little containers. (This collection is growing as she commandeers more and more figures from other toys to join her crew, btw). Now she likes to line up her letter blocks.

This may seem so mundane, but it is these sweet little tiny details of their childhood I most want to remember...maybe because they seem like the things I'll most likely forget. But they are just so sweet and full of wonder...it makes me smile to think about.

I am going to start playing the Slacker station I created using just Laurie Berkner's name. It results in Laurie's songs, but also great folks like her. (I added Peter Paul and Mary and Pete Seeger and Sally Rogers and Elizabeth Mitchell for a really great combo of music). I also added some "grown up" folk singers who focus most on peace and justice, because there's nothing wrong w/ kids listening to some grown up music and these messages are important to me.

Amelie and I are listening to it right now, and she is just sooo happy! Children should have lots of music around them as much as possible...and I haven't been doing a great job of making sure this happens.

So this peaceful moment with my daughter is brought to you today by Evan's preschool. ;-) But he will be home any minute now (from his *first* day) and I can't *wait* to hear how he liked his day. He woke up so happy and in such a sweet mood. He was a bit more snuggley than usual (or maybe it seemed that way to me as I prepared to say goodbye). I think it might have been the only possible hint he gave of any apprehensions. He was really just completely happy to go. We took a picture of him with his lunchbox, so when we're old and forgetful we'll remember this was his first day of school. When I get Kevin to transfer pictures to the computer I will post one here.

Anyway...if you're reading this, I'd love to know! Send me a note or post a response. I'm not quite as obsessed with getting readers as I used to. This blog is really becoming the kids' baby book. I will treasure it when I'm old. God help me, please don't let the internet blow up! :-)

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