Thursday, September 24, 2009

Books, Glorious Books!

We have a few really good pictures of the kids with books, but we have to get more. They love books so much, and that makes me SO happy. Amelie brings me books and says "read me" all the time.

However, a really funny picture today was of the "train" of books she made. Or I think she calls it a bridge. Anyway...she has always liked to line things up....her people, and before that it was blocks. Today was a whole other level. Her room had one long stretch of books across it. She was very proud of it.

The book they hear last every night is "The Bear Snores On". I love the Sandra Boynton books...and this is saying a lot because I don't usually like books with short, rhyming lines. ;-) This is usually the second-to-last book we read. Of course we all love Big Red Barn. Evan especially loves "I Kissed the Baby". Amelie loves to be tickled at the tickling part. They both love a book from their Godfamily called Hugs for Baby. Amelie loves her Dora the Explorer stories book.

And I am really excited that Evan requests bible stories now. We must be doing *something* right. ;-) He calls his baby bible his "Hope Church Bible". I think it is wonderful that he feels such a connection to his church. Their Godparents are very active in their lives, all the way from PA. They regularly send books to them. In addition to their baby bibles we read from, they gave them a book called "What is God's Name". It is a lovely story about people having names for God related to what God means to them (the nurse called God "Healer", the lonely child called God "Friend", the soldier, "Maker of Peace"). I found it a very good omen that this book was the first whose artwork drew in Evan's attention so much that he pointed to it over and over.

Evan's first trip to the library with his preschool class was very exciting. He picked out a book about Elephants. He is very excited about the library!

When he was little, Evan loved pictures of the moon, particularly in Good Night, Moon. He would point to any picture of the moon and exclaim, "Moon!". Too bad by the time I had compiled a good list of moon themed books, he was out of that phase. ;-) He also used to love when I would read Olivia, to point to the picture of an actual painting that Olivia sees at a museum. It really impressed me that the thing that stuck out most for him was a piece of "fine art". ;-)

There is so much more to say about books...and I'll either add to this post and/or post more as they discover and explore more books!

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