Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Big Boy

The kids are growing up so fast. The other night while we were having dinner on the porch, Evan turned to me and said, "Thank you for making us a nice dinner, Mommy!" (a dinner Kevin had cooked but oh well ;-). And today he drank from a big boy cup for the first time. (This is good, since I'm sure they don't serve drinks in sippy cups at playschool ;-).

I am so excited for Evan to go to preschool. Aside from getting a break two days a week, Amelie will get me to herself for the first time ever. And Evan is such a friendly, sociable boy, I'm eager for him to make more friends. It will be fun to hear about all the fun things he does at school, and maybe even get some ideas from school about fun things to do at home.

Right now they are clapping along to a Laurie Berkner song from the Noggin special "Let's Hear it for the Laurie Berkner Band". They love music and love to sing. Evan will only sing the theme from Fifi & the Flowertots on the way to the Flatbread Pizza near us....he says that's the "Flatbread song".

The children love to go places in the car. They love the car. And they are very appreciative. When we go out to the car now, they often will put out their arms and give the car a big hug and a kiss.

Heh...Laurie just sang about gettin' tired and they laid down on their blankets. But the next verse is "I'm jumpin' up", so no nap. ;-)The next song is about appropriate, because they have SO much! LOL. They mostly play together very nicely. We're still learning "share" and "no take", but it will come. The crisis of this afternoon before lunch was the missing "remote" (a play remote that lights up but does nothing else). There was a lot of screaming. We finally found it in the sink of his Dora kitchen in the kitchen.

Evan is looking forward to going to Nana's house and see her washer and dryer downstairs. Whenever he mentions going to Nana's house, Amelie is sure to make sure her cat isnt' forgotten by chiming in, "Tommy too!" Every time.

And life goes on....

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Clay Callaway said...

AMY!! this is so cool that you are keeping a record of this stuff.. the years are going to FLY by!! and YES that step to the BIG BOY cup is a big one!! Great job!!