Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Music music music

A staple of quiet moments this summer has been "Let's Hear it for the Laurie Berkner Band"...we DVR'd it when Noggin aired it mid-July. They never tire of it. They also love They Might Be Giants "Here Come the ABC's" and "Here come the 1,2,3's". Evan especially loves the song about the 7's coming into someone's house and eating all the cake.

And our car ride home from NJ last night (many moments, but especially about the last half hour) was saved by Laurie Berkner songs, especially Victor Vito. And I love that song too, so it didn't become painful after the 20th repeating. ;-)

Evan and Amelie had fun with their cousin Nora this trip. They especially liked playing "Tent" with blankets on the living room floor and the couch.

Just some cute moments that make me smile.

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