Friday, August 28, 2009

Health Care

I don't usually use this blog to post about political things anymore. I couldn't help myself doing the presidential campaign, and felt it was "relevant" because it had to do with the kind of country I want for my children.

And well, so does the health care issue, especially the issue of a "public option". I have very strong convictions that if the health insurances companies were that inclined to make sure EVERYONE had affordable, quality health care, they would have already. This is why I don't believe it can just be left up to them to be sure EVERYONE is covered. And this is why I believe in the public option element of reform. I know that my children have the privileges such that they will never have to worry about having good health care. But I don't want them growing up in a country with injustice. And not having the basic HUMAN RIGHT to quality health care is the greatest injustice I can think of.

Here's hoping that Senator Kennedy's dream of affordable quality health care for ALL is a reality very soon...

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