Sunday, August 30, 2009


I just finished reading "Pat the Bunny" to Amelie, and playing a good old game of peekaboo. She just *loves* peekaboo. Evan had his lunch out of his new lunchbox today, to 'practice' for lunchtime at preschool. He did a really great job.

I was very emotional about the passing of Ted Kennedy since I heard the news. (Kevin asked me if I was going to be as emotional about him as I was Tim Russert. This was his way of *telling* me, and I instantly knew it.) I knew it wouldn't be long, he had a dire diagnosis. But I'm sure his family also hoped he'd be the one exception and beat it.

It's hard to lose people who represent things that are important to you. For me, he represented overcoming adversity, and developing a sense of purpose from it. He represented the continuous fight for justice and equality. And all of the tributes to him on the news have taught me about what an important role he played in his family.

Certainly all that he accomplished in terms of civil rights in his job as Senator, makes me feel like I just sit on my butt. (I heard someone else say that on the news last night, and thought "yep".) And he wasn't just sitting 'on the hill" and passing legislation, though what he did in in that arena is incredible...his part in the Civil Rights Act, the ADA, the Family and Medical Leave Act...he's done so much to further the cause of justice in the country. I wasn't as aware of all of the personal relationships he forged, and what a personal interest he took in so many people in Massachusetts.

On a more personal level of his life, I hadn't realized how much he served as the "glue" of his family during their many tragedies. Up until now, when there has been a major loss in my family, (my father and my aunt) I've pretty much been only on the receiving end of support. I wasn't strong enough to be of much support to anyone else. That's a special kind of strength. It made me think about all the new responsibilities, including the emotional ones, that come with being a parent.

The world has lost something very special in Ted Kennedy. I can only hope we all do as Caroline Kennedy suggested, and pick up the torch and work to change our world for the better.

Note: I've read some wonderful tributes to Senator Kennedy...Bill Harley's "Thinking About Teddy" is one of my says much of what I wanted to say in this post...but is much more eloquent (and less rambling ;-)).

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