Monday, August 31, 2009

And Here We Go!

Today is the first day of the new school year. Evan has his first day of preschool tomorrow. This school seems like a vibrant, caring place that will be a wonderful place for him to make friends, learn exciting things, and maybe even help him with some of his "less than stellar" behaviors. ;-)

He really is a wonderful child, but he has some of the typical 3 year old tendencies. And I'm still struggling to figure out how to discipline in some situations. Since I can't carry him or even drag him to his time out area, when he needs a time out I just hold him and not let him go...and that's his time out. But if he's running around I can't grab him for a time out.

But today has been a pretty good day so far. There has been nutty-ness...he bit his little sister (lightly, thank goodness), and they both dumped a box of blocks onto the floor on purpose. I smiled inside at the proud way they "presented" it to me, arms outstretched singing "Mess, mess!". I didn't make them put them back in the box, because if they didn't comply there is no was I could enforce my of many things I need to figure out this year, one day at a time.

They we came downstairs into their "playroom" (it's really the "family room"...but for now, its just their play room for the most part). Evan picked up his violin and pushed the yellow star on it, the "yellow button song", his favorite song the violin plays. I'm so tired of that one melody...there are at least 8 songs on this toy, but we only hear this one. But he was "playing" his violin, holding the bow and the tviolin in his chin just like a professional. (He's done this almost from the first day he got it). And his sister was holding her red guitar, like a little rocker. This guitar doesn't even play anymore, but she doesn't care...she rocks back and forth to the music like a pro. It was soooo cute.

Amelie handed me a little shaker/scraper toy instrument to play along. Evan doesn't like it when I sing along, so I wondered how he'd feel about this...but he just stood next to me and jammed along with me.

I have so many other memories I want to record here so I never forget the way Amelie picks up a little microphone and does a "Biz's beat" a la Yo Gabba Gabba...but she wants me to read a story now. So for's back to "real life". :-)

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