Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Amelie says Amelie!

So we've been trying to get Amelie to say Amelie for quite a while now. She names all of her family...especially loves to say Evan (whether it is in a loving way or an annoyed way ;-). But when you ask her to say Amelie, all she'll say is "me!" or "no". (She now says "no thank you" very politely, although she uses this response to refuse to do things as well.)

But yesterday morning at breakfast I asked her "who are you?" or something that phrased the question differently than "what is your name"...and she said "Amelie"...not excitedly, but very quietly. And now she won't do it again. She'll even say "Daddy" or "Evan" if you ask her her name. Oh well...it was a thrill for the moment it lasted. ;-)

Amelie loves all of the little people she has in her toy collection. She has actual "Little People" (the trademarked name) as well as some castle characters, and she loves to line them all up in a line. She sometimes puts them all lying down and covers them with a blanket. And she loves to carry them around in her little bug house (its like a cloth basket), or other baskets she has like her Halloween pumpkin or her yellow easter bucket.

Evan and Amelie both do such funny cute things, and I'm grateful for this space to write them down. I'm terrible about picking up a baby book and recording things, so this is a great place to make sure I don't forget these small, sweet moments.

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