Monday, June 15, 2009

My sweet little boy

I know every parent thinks their child is the smartest, the sweetest, etc. But I have just been blown away by Evan lately.

One night last week, I had a mad headache and took some Tylenol. The next morning Evan asked me, "Mommy are you all better? Do you need more medicine?". I told him I felt much better. Later that night and several times of the next few days he kept asking, "Mommy, you all better?". Yeah, sweetie...except for the lump in my throat I'm just fine. ;-)

This afternoon Evan was very said that his mother's helper couldn't make it. To make him feel better, I checked with Daddy and told him he would take him with him to the grocery store. He asked, "Amelie come too?" I said, "Probably not, honey. So let's not talk about it too much so Amelie won't feel bad".

He didn't miss a beat when he said to me, "But Mommy, the grocery store have carts and the carts have TWO seats, one for me and one for Amelie!". I have the sweetest children EVER. :-)

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