Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Year of Blessings, of Mourning

{{Sigh}} This year has been so busy with Amelie being almost 2, and Evan coming up on 3 on May 13th.

This has also been the year in which we lost my aunt. She was my aunt, my mother, and my sister all wrapped up in one. She understood me like nobody else. She will be gone a year this Thursday. I am forever grateful that I spent that morning with a dear friend from church. David Malone has shared so much spiritual and life wisdom with me. Hope Church and my darling husband got me through what was the most awful day of my life since my Daddy died in July of 1995.

It felt like such a scary day. It was like God was telling me "It's getting time for you to grow up now, sweetie. Your aunty is gone, you have a husband and two babies depending on you now. You're not a kid anymore."

I hope there will be more revelations this week and through Easter. Time will tell.

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