Monday, February 02, 2009

The Trouble With Jerry

I don't talk to most people about hating the Jerry Lewis Telethon. I assume most people would react to me like I'm The Grinch. "How can you hate Jerry Lewis?!" "He's such a good man!" "He was so funny in all his movies!" "He does such good things for those poor children".

It's that last one that lies at the root of my problem with Jerry Lewis. Understand, I do believe his heart is in the right place. He does want to "help" those "poor children". But have you watched him on his telethon for any length of time? He does indeed portray people with disabilities as "those poor people". I'm sure it is partly stragtegic. If the people didn't seem pathetic, he wouldn't get as much money for them. But he has had it pointed out to him the damage this does to people with disabilities as a whole, and has basically responed with an "F-you" type attitude. He has been quoted to say, "You don't want pity? Stay in your house!".

Please visit The Trouble With Jerry, and consider becoming part of the movement for more disability rights oriented fund-raising.

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