Monday, December 22, 2008

sick babies

Amelie is sick with a fever today. There is just nothing worse than your child being sick. I never understood until I had kids of my own, how you'd rather be sick as a dog yourself, than have your child feeling miserable.

I'm hoping watching my children on Christmas will bring some holiday spirit into my bones, because this year I've just got naughta. It's dark and cold, my days are long on mind-numbing childrens programming and short on light. (although I have to admit there is some good stuff out there - thank you Jack's Big Music Show and Fifi. ;-).

Evan is quite the singer these days. He knows the words to almost every song on all his favorite shows. His newest favorite is the Pajanimals and I have to say, they make me smile. Cowbella is voiced by the same person who does the voice for Mary on Jack's.

Amelie is such a helpful little girl. If I ask Evan to bring me something and he either is oblivious or ignores me, she hears me and goes and retrieves whatever it is.

Evan has been enjoying the snow (that makes one of us). He loves to tell me "I go out to help Daddy shovel". This weekend resulted in snow that's actually going to hang aroudn for a while, so Amelie will get her shot at playing in it when she feels better.

The shortist day of the year is this week. I'm praying I start to get back in the swing of things once they start getting longer. Right now I just have to get through Amelie's fever and Christmas. Wish me luck.

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