Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So this afternoon I was *trying* to change Evan's diaper, and he was having no part of it. We got to putting his pants back on, and he was determined not to have them back on. He even said it "hurt"...a common tactic. But he got really riled up, and I was frustrated. And we both got loud I guess, when I know from hubby's advice I should have gone does calm him down. SO then Kevin comes in and while putting his shoes on, Evan says to him, "Daddy, Evan no like Mommy!".

Now, I know this is just a 2 year old's reaction to not getting his way, and I know he loves me. But it had been a long day and I just *bawled*. Daddy and Evan are grocery shopping now, hopefully Evan will like Mommy again when they get home. ;-)

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