Wednesday, November 05, 2008

President Barack Obama

Election day was quite exciting. We took both of our children with us to the polls. On the way there, was stopped at a house where Evan always noticed the Obama lawn sign when on walks with Daddy. We took pictures of both Evan and Amelie next to the sign. Evan pointed to Obama's name and said, "Look, baby!" (Baby is still his name for Amelie ;-).

Once at the polls, I went in first and then Daddy to Evan into the booth with him, so later on in life, he could say he was with his daddy when he voted for our first African American president (and for one of the best presidents ever, as we know Barack Obama is going to be).

Watching election coverage was maddening. You know watching that things can change dramatically (case in point, we had President Bush the last four years, not President Kerry as was thought early on on election night 4 years ago). But seeing big numbers in the beginning for McCain, and seeing the in progress numbers for him was unsettling.

I actually fell asleep at the very end for a few moments, thank goodness my mom called so I didn't miss Obama's speech. I also tuned in in time to see Jesse Jackson crying, and to hear Martin Luther King's daughter speak about what this election meant to her, and what it would have meant to her father.

And then, John McCain gave what I thought was a very gracious concession speech. I am sure that now he will go back to being the senator that I had the respect for that I did before all of this election ugliness. And I believe him when he says he will work with President Obama (man that sounds good, doesn't it?). I heard that Bush made a statement saying what a great night this was for Obama, his family, friends, and supporters. How pathetic that he could not admit, as McCain did, what a great night this was for AMERICA.

Barack Obama's acceptance speech was so presidential. He pointed out that the great things have not been done yet, just that his being elected gives us the opportunity for them to happen. He pointed out that *everyone* has to work hard to make them happen. He committed to working with *everyone*, (assuming everyone will allow him to, that's up to Republicans).

It was a great night for the country. However, it was a horrible night for gay rights. I am horrified at all the states that outlawed the right of gay folks to marry the people they love - the people they have committed to for a lifetime. And I forget which state, but one state voted to outlaw adoption for unmarried people. It is certain this was to keep gay folks from adopting. When the hell are folks going to get over who other people love and instead affirm love and loving families? There are plenty of straight marriages that are freakin' messed up and harming the children that are living in those homes.

Last night was a great night, for the most part. But as Obama pointed out, we still have a long way to go.

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