Monday, October 06, 2008

More music....Laurie Berkner!

Evan is in the kitchen, banging on Daddy's breakmaker with two plastic baby spoons. I can't blame him. Laurie Berkner's new cd "Rocketship Run" is in the cd player, and it begs you to sing along, play along, whatever you got. As I put it in, I said to him "5-4-3-2-1!" and he replied "Rocketship Run!"

Laurie's music is so singable, danceable, and *smart*. She doesn't dumb-down for kids. I know this isn't all that unique these days, but it is just one of the many qualities of her music that makes it so wonderful. Another is just the simply joy in her songs.

This latest cd from the Laurie Berkner band is my favorite. I mean, there are some venerable favorites on her earlier cds, learned from Jack's Big Music show. But this one is just as wonderful, and has a more up-to-date sound which I like. Good kids music. Just another blessing....

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