Friday, October 24, 2008

More kid cuteness - just general ramblings...

Okay, my kids are just so damn cute! :-)

I know, I know, every parent thinks this, but mine really *are*! LOL!

Evan's cutest thing these days is that he has LEARNED the word cute. He calls his sister cute mostly, but will occasionally tell us that I am cute "Mommy cute" or that Kevin is cute "Daddy cute".

Amelie is still the happiest baby ever. She cries when she wakes in the morning if we haven't heard her waking and picked her up. But even then, sometimes she just taps me on the shoulder if I'm sleeping close enough to the edge of the bed that she can reach me from her pack-n-play.

Both children are just LOVING our new Laurie Berkner Band cd, Rocketship Run. "Evan dancing" he says as he spins around like a crazy man. He plays the drum and every other instrument imaginable (some real, some imagined) to it. He reports "Evan playing the bass". I wrote about how he loves the music at Hope Church. He now talks about "Sara playing the violin", and "Neil playing the bass" and "Bobby playing the drums" and even "Todor play the piano". (He actually says "da violin" and "da drums" most of the time).

By the way - This Laurie cd is so great...songs with every kind of feel to it, creative and snappy songs. Her ballads are the best of her career on this one. I don't love the "Going on a Hunt" theme throughout, it is mostly cheesy...and hearing the same song over and over doesn't work really well. But I do like the idea of presenting one song with several different treatments to teach kids about different kinds of music.

Back to how cute my kids are. Amelie is so observant, and helpful! If I ask Evan to do something (bring me something mostly), he will do it fairly often. But most often than not, he ignores me, and Amelie hears the request and *she'll* do it for me when Evan doesn't! Good girl.

Evan is *telling* us about things more and more. We went to the library for a music time yesterday. He didn't care for it, to put it mildly, I think because it was the largest group of kids he'd ever seen. So we went to the kids section and he looked at their aquarium for quite a long time. When Kevin got home he told him all about the fish!

Amelie has a few more words, but mostly points and says "Do do!" She has a lot to say, just not a lot of words to say it with yet. At the library I spent most of my time watching Evan in case he decided to run off. But Amelie both ventured around checking things out *and* stayed pretty close to mommy. She's going to be an independent little thing, and I just hope I never do anything to squash that! LOL!

Oh there is just so much cuteness and not enough time to write it all down. So there will be plenty more posts about how cute my kids are. Check out the pictures at The Kelly Family Album on Shutterfly.

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