Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Let's get real...

I started this blog to keep memories of the babies, and to say a little something about what matters to me as a parent. After becoming a parent, all the stuff I felt passionate about seemed to intensify...like leaving this world better than I found it became even more important. And seeing some of the hideous stuff that goes on in our country and the world was more troublesome. And having a faith community became more vital.

And well, being real seems more important. Well, let's get real. I know not many folks read this (like I have one wonderful friend who calls himself a "fan" of my blog...thank you, David! :-). But on the chance someone does read this, I thought I should post about the one thing I haven't posted about. I have posted about all the wonderful things my babies are doing, all the wonderful things I see out in the world (Like Voices Rising!), and the things that trouble me (McCain, Iraq, etc.). But I haven't said anything about my daily reality.

Raising children with a disability is freakin' hard! LOL! Right now I'm having a peaceful day. I have to keep my oldest behind the gate that keeps him in our bedroom and his. He has started to do things out in the kitchen that could get him seriously hurt, and I just can't physically do a lot about it.

{{Sigh}} To be honest, these have been very mellow days, because he hasn't been making the messes he used to make, either. But it just brings home the fact that I'm "not like other mothers". And I "know" that I'm not different in any way that really matters....most days. And in fact I know that my disability has given me insights and abilities that I can pass on to my children that they will benefit from...like teaching them to appreciate that their reality is not everyones' reality. And that we need to work for a just world for everyone. And you don't have to let barriers keep you from doing what really matters to you. But then I have other days where I just feel inept and inferior.

So now I can feel better if any other disabled moms happen upon this blog that I've been honest. ;-) That's a relief.

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