Sunday, September 28, 2008

Baby sister & singing

Evan has long called Amelie "baby", which is's not like we gave her an easy name for him to say. ;-) But I always make a point of saying "yes, that's your baby sister Amelie" so he'll keep hearing her name and learn to say it eventually. Well, now he calls her "baby sister"!

He is saying more and more words these days and it is so cute. And he loves music. He gets a chair and brings it over to the kitchen radio to get up and try to turn on the cd. He asks for the "ABC song" (although I think he says it more like "CDEF song" or something (off of an Elizabeth Mitchell cd -she is great!). And he does a similar move to get up to the satellite radio in our room and ask for "XM KIDS!".

He started singing songs (or at least parts of them) a while ago in church - Peace Like A River and our "Amen" song were the first songs he ever sang. Then he started singing the last word in each line of songs - especially in songs that rhyme, which was really cute.

But NOW, he sings whole songs! Granted, some words are missing and/or garbled, but it is so cute! Some favorites are theme songs to shows. I know I should be ambivalent about this reflection on the fact that he watches too much tv, but I just love when he sings along to the theme songs to Fifi & the Flowertots and Jack's Big Music Show and Caillou ("with Mommy and Daddy and fining my way" just makes me tear up ;-). Ok - listen here and tell me this isn't sweet.

Ok. I just should not blog at 5 am - it makes for way too much mush.

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