Saturday, August 09, 2008

Such sweet manners

My little boy Evan has such sweet manners. He must get them from his Daddy. ;-) He is more and more frequently saying "More chicken *please*!" or whatever he wants with please on the end. And then he has the most enthusiastic "Thank you, MOMMY!" I've ever heard! He is getting ready for potty training because he says "Evan diaper!" most emphatically. Now he has picked up my phrase "Clean diaper time!" but says it much more sing-songy and cutely than I do.

We're enjoying watching him color, when he doesn't decide to snack on the crayons. And he loves Springsbrook Park here in Bedford. He laughs as he runs through the sprinkler section of the park, and is really good at kicking when he swims.

Amelie is totally mobile now. And she's serious about getting around and getting at what she wants. She's my "growly girl", as she growls quite often when she is happy about something...usually with pride in something she's just done. She also has a wonderful way that she *growls* "Ma-Ma!".

We're weaning. She still wakes me often at 2:30 in the morning, and I am often grumpy about it...but I'm going to miss nursing so I shouldn't be that way. It will make life so much easier, but I'm so torn about it.

I think I wrote earlier about Amelie leaning in for kisses. Evan is quite the lovey-dovey kisser too. ;-) I fantasize about life getting easier when they are less needy physically, but this is such a precious time in little ones' lives. I worry about wishing it away.

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