Friday, July 25, 2008

Why We Sing: Welcome

I love to watch programming that makes me feel hopeful that the country my children are growing up in will be a more just place someday, that celebrates *everyone's* gifts, the experiences of all of our worlds' citizens.

In June I caught Why We Sing, a PBS documentary about gay choruses. Here is what their website says about the show: "Songs often touch us where spoken words cannot, and that's one of music's great powers. Why We Sing! shows the transformative power of gay, lesbian and transgender choral music – how it uplifts, inspires and unites. By exploring the history of this 30-year-old movement, Why We Sing! traces recent gay and transgender rights struggles in America while showing how singers and music lovers from around the globe have been moved to change their worlds through song."

You can buy the DVD of this special on their website. I would recommend it for any church or other group interested in the passion of the music of these choruses.

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