Thursday, July 03, 2008

Connecting with other parents...

I currently don't get much traffic on this blog, mostly because I haven't publicized it much since I haven't had time to keep it current anyway. Well, now that I am and I will be posting a lot about my children and issues related to raising children I would like to connect up with other parents who are hoping and trying to share some of the same things with their children. I eagerly hope to bring my children up in an environment that fosters an appreciation and interest in other cultures, and a passion for making our world a place where peace and justice are more prevalent. So,I'd be interested in sharing ideas and resources with any other parents (or teachers for that matter) who happen upon this page! I'm interested in books (for children and adults), music, toys, activities and well as organizations and/or websites with ideas. Feel free to email me!. listen

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