Thursday, June 26, 2008

So many words from Evan (like God!) and Amelie is almost walking!

So Evan is naming *everything* these days. And he's added possesive's too. "Daddy's towel" instead of just "towel". "Mommy's chair", instead of just pointing to my wheelchair and saying chair. He also knows both of our churches we attend. We have a water bottle from Hope Church in Roslindale, and he points to it and says, "Hope church bottle". Jamie Howard is our fabulous minister at First Church in Bedford. We have a magnet on our frig, and he points to it and says "Jamie church!".

Amelie is "this close" to walkling. She stands on her own for several seconds now, grinning ear-to-ear. She took two steps and dropped to the floor today. We think she said juice the other day, adding to "Mama" and "Dadda".

I was reading "What is God's Name" to Evan recently and he said, "God". :-) So many great happenings. Recently I was reading him an animal picture book and he pointed to every animal and names them ALL! More later....

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