Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Focus on my Blog

So I had promised myself I was going to blog more often...that was how many months ago? Motherhood is just very very all consuming. So...since one of the things I'm not doing that I wish I were is writing in their baby books...I decided to combine that with my desire to blog. It'll become their online baby book. ;-)

So, one thing a day is what I've promised myself. Evan is singing now. He sings the "Amen" song from church that we sing when the children proceed down the aisle with the weekly offering before communion. He sings the theme from Jack's Big Music Show. And he sings along when I play a recording of "Peace Like a River" that he also learned at church.

Amelie is so assertive. And I just love it. She lunges for what she wants! She is standing and cruising and just oh-so close to walking. My life is going to change forever when that happens, but so is hers! She is going to just love it. She is the happiest, smiliest baby!

Evan has also learned how to open the drawers with all our office-supply type stuff in the living room. He's doing that right now, and so here ends my first "Baby Book" blog post. If nobody reads these, the babies will when they get older. ;-)

Until Later,

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