Thursday, June 26, 2008

New focus, new links

So a little bit about my change in focus for my blog. I'm still going to post about random things, but it will all be tied together by the focus on my children. Kevin suggested I use my blog as sort of a "baby book" to keep a record of their new skills and stuff, since I've had so little luck remembering or finding time to keep an actual baby book. ;-)

So there will entries about all the exciting things they are doing. I'm using Jott ( to help me keep a record of things I want to blog about until I can get online. And I'll still be blogging about my hobbies, my political beliefs, and my faith...because these all relate to my being their Mama. I hope to share some of my hobbies with them someday. My political beliefs and activism will hopefully leave their world a better place. And I hope above all else, to pass on my faith to my children.

I have added some links to the sidebar of my blog, and thought I'd post an entry about them. I added links to our churches and to Barack Obama's website. I added them to this "new and improved chilld-centered blog" because I think that our churches and our church life are important influences for our children. I added a link to Barack Obama's website because he is our choice for president. I strongly believe he is the best choice to transform our country into the peaceful, just place our children deserve. listen

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