Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jim Infantino : blog : music : news

Jim Infantino : blog : music : news.

Hmph. I started a blog post about this almost exactly a year ago. Just found it in my list of posts and saw it never got finished or posted. Sharing Jim I. is always a good idea, and it breaks up the super-heavy philosophical posts.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Feminist Daily News 12/19/2008: Strong Feminist Chosen for Labor Secretary

On the bright side, the same organization also made note of Obama's Strong Feminist Choice for Labor Secretary.

Feminist Daily News 12/18/2008: Feminist and LGBT Leaders Voice Outrage Over Rick Warren Selection

So when I read this Feminist Daily News 12/18/2008: Feminist and LGBT Leaders Voice Outrage Over Rick Warren Selection, I had to post it. I am so disappointed in Obama over this choice. And his defense that he wants to "include people he doesn't agree with" is so lacking. I know he won't change his mind, but I just hope he doesn't make any missteps like this ever again.

sick babies

Amelie is sick with a fever today. There is just nothing worse than your child being sick. I never understood until I had kids of my own, how you'd rather be sick as a dog yourself, than have your child feeling miserable.

I'm hoping watching my children on Christmas will bring some holiday spirit into my bones, because this year I've just got naughta. It's dark and cold, my days are long on mind-numbing childrens programming and short on light. (although I have to admit there is some good stuff out there - thank you Jack's Big Music Show and Fifi. ;-).

Evan is quite the singer these days. He knows the words to almost every song on all his favorite shows. His newest favorite is the Pajanimals and I have to say, they make me smile. Cowbella is voiced by the same person who does the voice for Mary on Jack's.

Amelie is such a helpful little girl. If I ask Evan to bring me something and he either is oblivious or ignores me, she hears me and goes and retrieves whatever it is.

Evan has been enjoying the snow (that makes one of us). He loves to tell me "I go out to help Daddy shovel". This weekend resulted in snow that's actually going to hang aroudn for a while, so Amelie will get her shot at playing in it when she feels better.

The shortist day of the year is this week. I'm praying I start to get back in the swing of things once they start getting longer. Right now I just have to get through Amelie's fever and Christmas. Wish me luck.

Friday, December 19, 2008

a poet for Obama's inauguration!

So now it is time for me to read up on Elizabeth Alexander, Obama's choice to compose a poem to read at his inauguration. It's been too long since a poet was part of this auspicious day. I am so excited! You can watch her read one of her poems, here.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Bread of Life

Sunday night after communion, Evan came up to me and exclaimed excitedly, "Mommy, Evan have the bread of life!". One of his favorite songs is the "Amen" song we sing right before communion. He also loves "Peace Like a River", Elizabeth's Mitchell's version. Add to this that he can tell you whose birthday it is on Christmas, but barely knows who Santa even is...and we're happy campers here. Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sweet Honey In The Rock

Sweet Honey In The Rock just revamped their website. I've blogged about them before, have them listed under "fave kids' music" because they have 2 albums for children. But this website revamp gave me the excuse to mention them again...they're that good. ;-)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So I'm trying to get in the Christmas Spirit. I've always been a bit of a scrooge...not quite sure why. I get more stressed out about the fact that I don't think of "cool" gifts for people and that there are more gifts to get, than I get excited about Christmas.

I'm listening to "Grown Up Christmas List" by Amy Grant right now.

Do you remember me
I sat upon your knee
I wrote to you with childhood fantasies

Well I'm all grown-up now
And still need help somehow
I'm not a child
But my heart still can dream

So here's my lifelong wish
My grown-up Christmas list
Not for myself
But for a world in need

No more lives torn apart
That wars would never start
And time would heal all hearts
Everyone would have a friend
And right would always win
And love would never end
This is my grown-up Christmas list

As children we believed
The grandest sight to see
Was something lovely
Wrapped beneath our tree

Well heaven surely knows
That packages and bows
Can never heal a hurting human soul


What is this illusion called
The innocence of youth
Maybe only in our blind belief
Can we ever find the truth


So it would be easy to blame the absence of my aunt for my bad attitude. Or my mommy-stress. But I've struggled with the "Normal Rockwell" expectations for years. Christmas has been different the last few years. When I starting hearing Liz Myer Boulton preach about Jesus, and how he of all people can understand our struggles...I've celebrated Christmas with a different feel. Jesus' birthday really *means* something. When I think about the fact that I never feel like I "measure up"...I should remember I don't have to.


We've always been lucky that both of our kids really like their vegetables. Barring any change, that's one struggle we don't have to deal with. But this morning, as I was pouring their milks (Evan drinks "pink cherry milk juice" - milk with a touch of strawberry milk so he won't balk at it), something went plunk into their cups. Yep - as Stuart McLean would say "you guessed it!" - the celery. There was one other piece in there so I poured all the milk into glasses to fish out the last piece.

Never a dull moment.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Green Parents Network

I discovered this site this morning while surfing Facebook. Facebook is my new "Sims". I used to be addicted to The Sims, I think mostly for the decorating the house, and having my character have babies. Now that I have 2 babies to take care of, and a house we don't have time to decorate (not to mention spaces the kids won't get into if we do), that doesn't hold the same appeal.

But this new site, Green Parents Network, seems to address both the environmental and social issues I care most about as a parent. This is exciting.

I need to blog more about some of the new things the babies can do and have been doing. That's my goal for this week. Have a great day, David! (If I have other blog readers, drop me an email ;-).


Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Real Thanksgiving??? � The Man Of Steel

While it is wonderful on this day to give thanks for our blessings, I hope we are past the point of perpetuating myths about the history of it.The Real Thanksgiving? makes it clear, Native Americans have nothing to be thankful for in this history. More than a few people have suggested we replace "thanksgiving" with a National Day of Atonement.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Southern Poverty Law Center : Stand Strong Against Hate

Southern Poverty Law Center : Stand Strong Against Hate - from their website:
We've just witnessed an historic moment in our nation's history — the election of our first African-American president.

But it's clear that racism remains a serious problem.

In recent weeks, there have been hundreds of racial incidents linked to the election of Barack Obama.

In New York, a black teen was attacked with a bat on election night by four white men who shouted "Obama." In Los Angeles, swastikas and racial slurs were painted on cars, sidewalks and houses. In Idaho, schoolchildren on buses chanted "assassinate Obama."

In addition, hate groups report that membership is surging. We've identified 888 organized hate groups — white supremacists, neo-Nazis, anti-immigrant extremists, anti-gay groups and others — represented by the dots on the map.

Is there hate in your state?

As the ranks of hate swell, people of goodwill must stand up and be counted.

Add yourself to our map as a voice for tolerance. Join people across the nation who are standing strong against the hate, racism, and intolerance infecting our communities, schools and political debate.

At the Southern Poverty Law Center, we track and expose the activities of hate groups in the United States and use innovative legal strategies to put them out of business.

Thank you for standing strong against hate.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I should feel in better shape!

Since I started back lifting weights at the YMCA in Woburn, I've lifted a total of 2,191,590 pounds. Go me! ;-)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Change.gov: The Obama-Biden Transition Team

Change.gov: The Obama-Biden Transition Team

SPLCenter.org: Hate Groups Map

I love the Southern Poverty Law Center. The work they do is so vital. They publish Teaching Tolerance, to help us raise a generation of children who don't hate. But they also work to actively eliminate hate groups. They just won a big court case against the Klan in Kentucky.

They also keep a close watch on the status of hate groups in our country. This Hate Groups Map is astounding. There were over 888 active hate groups in the U.S. last year. Check out your state to see how many groups are at work where you live.

Lonely Fortune Writer

This is just silly fun, but it is fun! The Lonely Fortune Writer is on the Healthy Choice website. Another gift from Skirt.com!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Southern Poverty Law Center

I added the Southern Poverty Law Center's Hatewatch blog to my list of blogs I dig today. It isn't one of the more uplifting blogs I read, but with Barack Obama's election, I know too many folks who think we've come further than we actually have. This blog is a sobering reminder of just how "alive and well" racism is in this country today.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So this afternoon I was *trying* to change Evan's diaper, and he was having no part of it. We got to putting his pants back on, and he was determined not to have them back on. He even said it "hurt"...a common tactic. But he got really riled up, and I was frustrated. And we both got loud I guess, when I know from hubby's advice I should have gone silent...it does calm him down. SO then Kevin comes in and while putting his shoes on, Evan says to him, "Daddy, Evan no like Mommy!".

Now, I know this is just a 2 year old's reaction to not getting his way, and I know he loves me. But it had been a long day and I just *bawled*. Daddy and Evan are grocery shopping now, hopefully Evan will like Mommy again when they get home. ;-)

MoveOn.org Political Action: Democracy in Action

People are sharing photos and thoughts about what President-elect Obama's victory means to them at MoveOn.org's Hope Wall

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Join the Impact - Protest Prop 8 on November 15th!

Join the Impact - Protest Prop 8 on November 15th!

On this site, you can find where *your* nearest protest will be, all across the country!

Keith Olbermann's Prop 8 Special Comment: It's "About The Human Heart" (VIDEO)

Keith Olbermann stated, quite eloquently, why people who voted for Prop. 8, or any other measure to prohibit gay people from marrying the people they love, should be ashamed of themselves. You can see his comments in the video above, or click here to read them.

I would like to propose that those of us who stand on the sidelines, and don't speak up again this, are equally shameful. As a friend told me recently, just like those who kept African Americans from their God-given rights, someday we shall look back on this time, and be ashamed.

Co-op America's National Green Pages™ - the Nation's Only Directory of Screened and Approved Green Businesses

I got an email today from Co-op America about their National Green Pages™ - the nation's only directory of screened and approved green businesses. With the holidays coming, it is a great resource for protecting the planet while shopping for friends and family!

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Alternative Alphabet for Big & Little People

I am always looking for websites, toys, posters and books and other resources to help me raise my kids with the kind of cultural awareness I want them to have as citizens of this great nation. I don't want their only reality to be the privileged, white, straight, Christian example that we are for them. I know I find these things way more than I offer them to anyone who might visit this site. So here's my contribution for today. I found it as Syracuse Cultural Workers. Evan has learned his alphabet in part to it, and knows several of the words on it already! (We have the poster, but the kids are mostly learning from the place mats at the moment).

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Jesse Jackson's tears

Here is what Jesse Jackson had to say about his tears on election night.

"Well, on the one hand, I saw President Barack Obama standing there looking so majestic. And I knew that people in the villages of Kenya and Haiti, and mansions and palaces in Europe and China, were all watching this young African-American male assume the leadership to take our nation out of a pit to a higher place.

"And then, I thought of who was not there,'' Jackson said on NPR News' Tell Me More. "As mentioned, Medgar Evers, the husband of Sister Myrlie. ...So the martyrs and murdered whose blood made last night possible. I could not help think that this was their night.

"And if I had one wish: if Medgar, or if Dr. King could have just been there for a second in time, would have made my heart rejoice. And so it was kind of duo-fold - his ascension into leadership and the price that was paid to get him there."

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

All things are possible | San Francisco Bay View

It seemed only appropriate, given how excited I am by the election of Barack Obama, and how great his acceptance speech, All things are possible was, to post it here.

MinnPost - A transformational man for a transformational moment

MinnPost - A transformational man for a transformational moment

President Barack Obama

Election day was quite exciting. We took both of our children with us to the polls. On the way there, was stopped at a house where Evan always noticed the Obama lawn sign when on walks with Daddy. We took pictures of both Evan and Amelie next to the sign. Evan pointed to Obama's name and said, "Look, baby!" (Baby is still his name for Amelie ;-).

Once at the polls, I went in first and then Daddy to Evan into the booth with him, so later on in life, he could say he was with his daddy when he voted for our first African American president (and for one of the best presidents ever, as we know Barack Obama is going to be).

Watching election coverage was maddening. You know watching that things can change dramatically (case in point, we had President Bush the last four years, not President Kerry as was thought early on on election night 4 years ago). But seeing big numbers in the beginning for McCain, and seeing the in progress numbers for him was unsettling.

I actually fell asleep at the very end for a few moments, thank goodness my mom called so I didn't miss Obama's speech. I also tuned in in time to see Jesse Jackson crying, and to hear Martin Luther King's daughter speak about what this election meant to her, and what it would have meant to her father.

And then, John McCain gave what I thought was a very gracious concession speech. I am sure that now he will go back to being the senator that I had the respect for that I did before all of this election ugliness. And I believe him when he says he will work with President Obama (man that sounds good, doesn't it?). I heard that Bush made a statement saying what a great night this was for Obama, his family, friends, and supporters. How pathetic that he could not admit, as McCain did, what a great night this was for AMERICA.

Barack Obama's acceptance speech was so presidential. He pointed out that the great things have not been done yet, just that his being elected gives us the opportunity for them to happen. He pointed out that *everyone* has to work hard to make them happen. He committed to working with *everyone*, (assuming everyone will allow him to, that's up to Republicans).

It was a great night for the country. However, it was a horrible night for gay rights. I am horrified at all the states that outlawed the right of gay folks to marry the people they love - the people they have committed to for a lifetime. And I forget which state, but one state voted to outlaw adoption for unmarried people. It is certain this was to keep gay folks from adopting. When the hell are folks going to get over who other people love and instead affirm love and loving families? There are plenty of straight marriages that are freakin' messed up and harming the children that are living in those homes.

Last night was a great night, for the most part. But as Obama pointed out, we still have a long way to go.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Ann Landers and Proposition 8 - Los Angeles Times

I grew up reading Ann Landers over breakfast in the morning. Well, after the comics and if I got up on time. ;-) So it was with nostalgia and affection that I read Ann Landers and Proposition 8 - Los Angeles Times, written by her daughter. If I could send this to all the folks who were fans of hers, who think outlawing gay marriage is a good idea, maybe they would change their minds.

McCain's disdain for our rights | SocialistWorker.org

I hate to talk about abortion. I hate to think about abortion. It is a horrible thing, that we should all be dedicated to putting an end to. But not by simply talking away a woman's right to choose. And here is just one more example of how we (who are paying attention) can see McCain's disdain for our rights , and truly, for our *lives*.

Good Books for Good Kids: The Earth is Our Mother : Eco Child’s Play

Here is a book list, Good Books for Good Kids: The Earth is Our Mother from Eco Child's Play. With so many great books out there, why choose books that are *just* fun, when they can be fun and enriching at the same time?

Monday, November 03, 2008

Holly Near

I just read a wonderful Interview about Obama with Holly Near. These are the kinds of singers I want my children to grow up hearing - socially aware activists working for peace and justice. Like Emma's Revolution, and Sweet Honey in the Rock. Folks who inspire my kids to love, and work for love, peace and justice.

Obama, baby!

So we have yet to get video of Evan expressing his choice for president, but it's the same as these brilliant babies:

Voting Tomorrow

It is poignant to remember that women have only had the right to vote for 88 years.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Love and Fear

I just happened upon this web piece calledLove and Fear. I just felt such peace, watching the Love part. Amelie is sleeping in the chair behind me, and all feels almost mellow. (Note I did say *almost* ;-).

Not as crazy about the Fear part, but it isn't awful.

Community Organizers

O.K., so this has become my favorite saying of late. I just wish they had this in my size!

Our country's future - our chilldrens future

Sometimes I wonder if I'm over-thinking this whole election. Yes, it would be so amazing if Barack Obama were elected the first African American president - not just because he is African American but because he has such visionary ideas for change in this country, ideas to bring about the kind of change we need after 8 years of a war-mongering idiot who doesn't have a clue about average Americans. And more of the same, from John McCain would be awful.

But in the end, perhaps it isn't a choice between Heaven & Hell. I mean, Obama will only be able to accomplish so much, no matter what his intentions, especially if we don't have a strong Democratic majority in Congress. And McCain, well I used to listen to him on Imus and thought a lot of what he had to say sounded pretty reasonable, even if I did disagree with a fair amount of it. He sounded like a decent caring guy. When he got the nomination I was pleased. I thought, "Well he is the lesser of all the evils." (And "Thank God it wasn't Mitt!" ;-).

But the way McCain has run his campaign. The horrible down-and-dirty attacks. The lies. His bitter, sarcastic and belittling approach. And his choice of a vice presidential running mate. All this makes me fear a McCain presidency. I hope folks who are supporting Barack Obama aren't lulled into a false sense of security and fail to vote.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Helping Women Survivors of War Rebuild Their Lives | Women for Women International

O.K, so this new Stumble software was a bad idea. I can "waste" a lot of time on it. But, I had heard about this site, and I am really glad that it pointed me to Helping Women Survivors of War Rebuild Their Lives | Women for Women International.

Frig poetry

I downloaded the Stumble toolbar...it takes you "randomly" to sites across the web, based on preferences you indicated, and how you rate previous sites it has suggested (thumbs up, thumbs down). Well, it has me hooked now...it just pointed me to Play with my magnetic words! We never got around to putting our frig poetry up when we moved in to our house, and now with a two year old and a one year old, it's gonna be a while.

Fall Flavors

I'm not a big fan of fall, except perhaps fall colors and flavors. Here is a page dedicated to pumpkin, courtesy of our friends at Skirt, *again*! This is such a great email.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Peppermint Ice Cream

Amelie loves peppermint ice cream. I never really thought much about peppermint ice cream, I usually go for coffee flavors, gooey chocolate or anything remotely related to Kahlua. But Auntie Jenn had peppermint the last time we went to Kimball Farms, and couldn't finish it so I had some...and it was so good I picked up some Edy's peppermint. Amelie wanted more and more this afternoon. I think she is teething, and so it probably felt really good in her mouth too. ;-)

Friday, October 24, 2008

More kid cuteness - just general ramblings...

Okay, my kids are just so damn cute! :-)

I know, I know, every parent thinks this, but mine really *are*! LOL!

Evan's cutest thing these days is that he has LEARNED the word cute. He calls his sister cute mostly, but will occasionally tell us that I am cute "Mommy cute" or that Kevin is cute "Daddy cute".

Amelie is still the happiest baby ever. She cries when she wakes in the morning if we haven't heard her waking and picked her up. But even then, sometimes she just taps me on the shoulder if I'm sleeping close enough to the edge of the bed that she can reach me from her pack-n-play.

Both children are just LOVING our new Laurie Berkner Band cd, Rocketship Run. "Evan dancing" he says as he spins around like a crazy man. He plays the drum and every other instrument imaginable (some real, some imagined) to it. He reports "Evan playing the bass". I wrote about how he loves the music at Hope Church. He now talks about "Sara playing the violin", and "Neil playing the bass" and "Bobby playing the drums" and even "Todor play the piano". (He actually says "da violin" and "da drums" most of the time).

By the way - This Laurie cd is so great...songs with every kind of feel to it, creative and snappy songs. Her ballads are the best of her career on this one. I don't love the "Going on a Hunt" theme throughout, it is mostly cheesy...and hearing the same song over and over doesn't work really well. But I do like the idea of presenting one song with several different treatments to teach kids about different kinds of music.

Back to how cute my kids are. Amelie is so observant, and helpful! If I ask Evan to do something (bring me something mostly), he will do it fairly often. But most often than not, he ignores me, and Amelie hears the request and *she'll* do it for me when Evan doesn't! Good girl.

Evan is *telling* us about things more and more. We went to the library for a music time yesterday. He didn't care for it, to put it mildly, I think because it was the largest group of kids he'd ever seen. So we went to the kids section and he looked at their aquarium for quite a long time. When Kevin got home he told him all about the fish!

Amelie has a few more words, but mostly points and says "Do do!" She has a lot to say, just not a lot of words to say it with yet. At the library I spent most of my time watching Evan in case he decided to run off. But Amelie both ventured around checking things out *and* stayed pretty close to mommy. She's going to be an independent little thing, and I just hope I never do anything to squash that! LOL!

Oh there is just so much cuteness and not enough time to write it all down. So there will be plenty more posts about how cute my kids are. Check out the pictures at The Kelly Family Album on Shutterfly.

More Election Humor

See more Ron Howard videos at Funny or Die

I am just loving all the funny videos associated with this election. This one isn't high on content, but it is very enjoyable - and makes it's point well. Wait, especially for those of us who remember Opie, Richie and Fonz. ;-) (3 min. 45 seconds, worth it for the Fonz part!)

Barack Obama's endorsement from the NY Times

There have been a few articles of note lately that highlight the reasons our family is voting for Barack O'bama. He has now received an endorsement from the Neww York Times.

Jim Wallis also wrote a thoughtful piece about his personal faith priorities this election, and while it never mentions either candidate, it is clear Barack Obama is the one who will achieve these goals.

Happy Reading!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hopes for a Better Winter

I just got a lightbox! I have used it for 3 mornings now. I don't know when or if I will notice a difference, but I am really hoping this will be a better winter than any I have experienced in a long time. I am, like so many others...so affected by the shortening days. I hate winter in general for all of the constraints on my getting around, but I really think this is going to help with that overwhelming, hopeless feeling I inevitably get at some point during the winter. I think the lack of light just builds and builds in me until I lose it.

Here's hoping!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Amen, Amen, Amen Amen Amen!

If you don't know the song, you can't "hear it" in your head, but Kevin and I heard it loud and clear on the way home from church last night. We sing "the Amen" after the offertory each week, as the children process up the aisle after church school. It is such a beautiful affirmation of the children in our church - a real celebration *each week* of their presence among us.

Well, Evan has long loved the Amen song. But this week, as we were driving home and he started to sing, and Kevin and I joined in....we heard an extra little Amen in the back seat. Amelie was singing along! :-)

God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bread of Life

Elizabeth Myer Boulton, preached this sermon on October 5th. I wasn't there, but I was blessed by it when I listened to it. You can be blessed by it too. Please listen by clicking on the title of her sermon, or click here. Amen.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Mod Retro Indie Clothing & Vintage Clothes

So I just found this website Mod Retro Indie Clothing; Vintage Clothes (courtesy of the Skirt.com daily email again!). They don't offer "big girl" sizes, so for right now I have to be happy with their jewelry. They say they hope to "grow" and offer my size in 2009. Maybe I won't need a big girl size by then (yeah, right ;-), but if you all give them business and help them "grow" - perhaps they'll carry my size sooner! :-)

I'm trying to come up with "the" word to describe my taste in clothes. This site calls it "Indie", others have it listed as "Bohemian"...any other thoughts?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

an old Peter Mulvey performance from the Spring

Mama voted for obama

Never mind "Why Mama is a Democrat", a book I have long wanted for my kids. Now there is Mama voted for Obama! My son already can answer you when you ask him "Evan, who do we want to be president?" - he has a lot of fun chanting "O-bama!". Now, whether O'bama wins, or (God forbid), loses, I can read him this book! It doesn't have the substance of "Why Mommy is a Democrat" or "Why Daddy is a Democrat", but that's o.k. Books shouldn't do everything for a parent anyway. This book can open up the conversation, and you can tell you child for yourself, your own personal reasons for choosing Obama over "the other guy". ;-)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I heard from Mama Mama Quite Contrary!

How cool is this. The wonderful woman who blogs over at Mama Mama, Quite Contrary wrote me to say she appreciated my post on Columbus Day. I am a huge fan of "Mama Mama", and told her what a thrill it was that she was reading my blog. She told me she was thrilled I read *her* blog! I so enjoy reading about her trials and tribulations with her kids, and her thoughts on how she hopes to raise her babies (much like the hopes I have for my own children). The world just got a little smaller. Thank you, internet. ;-)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


This afternoon, while I was pulling Evan down from our front window he had climbed up onto :-(, I saw a fox walking across the front of the house. It's neat living somewhere where you can see that kind of wildlife...even if I wouldn't have felt that way, had we seen him up-close and personal. ;-)

Indigenous People's Issues Today: Indigenous Peoples Day: Replacing Columbus Day

Don't get me wrong. I am pleased as punch that Kevin had the day off yesterday, and that I had one less day by myself with the kids all day. But I am quite supportive of the idea of Indigenous Peoples Day Replacing Columbus Day. Columbus Day is not a day to be "celebrated" when you think about the consequences for Native Americans.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My little girl can dial 9-1-1

Yep. She was on my lap and took the phone and started playing with it. Yep, with the odds being 1 in 100, she dialed 9, and then 1 and then 1. Actually, it's less than 1 in 100 if you count the pound key and the star key. But she has the phone up to her ear and I can hear a gentleman say, "911". I got on the phone and said "Oh my, I am so sorry! My little girl dialed this...there is no emergency.". Turns out, an officer still has to come over, just to confirm there is no emergency. This is actually a really smart policy, but I was still in my nightgown and not at all pleased. Luckily at least they sent over a female officer.

{{sigh}} and the beat goes on....

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Prayers for National Coming Out Day (today!)

I posted a request for prayer ideas for our church for National Coming Out Day to an email list I am on. A wonderful soul, the webmaster for My Out Spirit.com, posted my request and the prayers that followed, on the My Out Spirit Blog. I feel blessed to have been a small part of this.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Drumlin Farm!

Kevin and I and the kids had so much fun yesterday at Drumlin Farm! The kids got to see cows, horses, chicken, goats and sheep - and several scarecrows. It was exciting to see them interact with so many animals. And it was fun to see how very independent Miss Amelie is. She kept running off ahead of us! And Evan was very sweet. There were one or two spots where it was easier for me for Kevin to just run on and show them the spot so I didnt' have to traverse it with my chair - and Evan would say, "Come on, Mommy!".

Evan and Amelie both had a really nice time with Grandma and Grandma's friend Carol today. They played out in the backyard while mommy rested. :-)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

MySpace.com - Gary Chapman - NASHVILLE, Tennessee - Country - www.myspace.com/garychapman57

One of my all time favorite singer-songwriters has a new page on MySpace. Gary Chapman was an incredible voice in the Contemporary Christian music scene. He has written some of the most beautiful, devout songs of love for God and God's love for us I have ever heard. He hasn't had a new album out in years, but now you can hear new songs from Gary on this page. This is a very good thing. :-)

Sustainable Tablle & Eat Well Guide

These links from Skirt's Daily Muse will probably make it into my sidebar in a couple of days. For now:

Sustainable Food is about foods that are healthy for you *and* the environment. Gotta feel good about that!

And Eat Well Guide helps you find local, sustainable and organic food. I love how the web helps us to live in a way that is better for us and our world!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Not one of our better days...

So yesterday, Evan had the run of the kitchen. He brought a dining room chair up to the kitchen counter, climbed up, and started playing "drums" with a wooden spoon and the bread maker. "O.K.", I figured. He won't hurt the bread maker. So I sit down to the computer to email Daddy at work. Then, I hear water running. By the time I get to the kitchen, he has taken the water *sprayer* and sprayed the entire area of floor around his chair. There was no way I could get at him without my crutches slipping out from under me, which would still not result in my getting to him. What a moment of utter helplessness and powerlessness. Thank goodness my dear friend Julie called. I was in tears, and she came right over and cleaned up the water and even offered to take my little dev....er, I mean "angel" over to her house. We all took a nap instead. ;-)

An American Hero

I hope someday, children learn about Justin Dart in school. They should. And some of these disability activists as well.

More music....Laurie Berkner!

Evan is in the kitchen, banging on Daddy's breakmaker with two plastic baby spoons. I can't blame him. Laurie Berkner's new cd "Rocketship Run" is in the cd player, and it begs you to sing along, play along, whatever you got. As I put it in, I said to him "5-4-3-2-1!" and he replied "Rocketship Run!"

Laurie's music is so singable, danceable, and *smart*. She doesn't dumb-down for kids. I know this isn't all that unique these days, but it is just one of the many qualities of her music that makes it so wonderful. Another is just the simply joy in her songs.

This latest cd from the Laurie Berkner band is my favorite. I mean, there are some venerable favorites on her earlier cds, learned from Jack's Big Music show. But this one is just as wonderful, and has a more up-to-date sound which I like. Good kids music. Just another blessing....

Music, music, music

Evan and Amelie both love music. I've been talking about how Evan sings along with *everything* now, and how sweet it is to hear that little voice sing.

Now, he uses my crutch as an upright bass! LOL! He sees one every Sunday, courtesy of Neil at Hope Church, and he really gets rockin' on his "crutch-bass". Sometimes he plays soft and slow, other times, you can tell he really wants to rock.

Speaking of music, my favorite daily email today (Skirt) sent me a link to this really cool music site called Musicovery. You pick your genre, your mood and any preferred time period and viola! A cool music mix.

Monday, September 29, 2008

UCC Steeples ads on YouTube

As a member of 2 UCC churches, I think this YouTube page of UCC Steeples ads is just fabulous.

There was a grassroots call for UCC churches around the country to make a video of their folks reciting "Here's the church, here's the steeple, open the doors, see all the people." The UCC has long used this childhood rhyme to express its welcome to ALL of God's people.

You will start to see the "official" UCC Steeples ad starting tonight at 6 p.m. You can also watch it here. I'm so happy to be a part of this denomination.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Baby sister & singing

Evan has long called Amelie "baby", which is fine...it's not like we gave her an easy name for him to say. ;-) But I always make a point of saying "yes, that's your baby sister Amelie" so he'll keep hearing her name and learn to say it eventually. Well, now he calls her "baby sister"!

He is saying more and more words these days and it is so cute. And he loves music. He gets a chair and brings it over to the kitchen radio to get up and try to turn on the cd. He asks for the "ABC song" (although I think he says it more like "CDEF song" or something (off of an Elizabeth Mitchell cd -she is great!). And he does a similar move to get up to the satellite radio in our room and ask for "XM KIDS!".

He started singing songs (or at least parts of them) a while ago in church - Peace Like A River and our "Amen" song were the first songs he ever sang. Then he started singing the last word in each line of songs - especially in songs that rhyme, which was really cute.

But NOW, he sings whole songs! Granted, some words are missing and/or garbled, but it is so cute! Some favorites are theme songs to shows. I know I should be ambivalent about this reflection on the fact that he watches too much tv, but I just love when he sings along to the theme songs to Fifi & the Flowertots and Jack's Big Music Show and Caillou ("with Mommy and Daddy and fining my way" just makes me tear up ;-). Ok - listen here and tell me this isn't sweet.

Ok. I just should not blog at 5 am - it makes for way too much mush.

Friday, September 26, 2008

teaching children about money

Here is a great twist on a childrens' bank. It is called Learning Cents. I had seen one like it somewhere else, but can't remember where. Anyway, it has a slot for money to spend, money to save, and money to give to charity. I love that last one. What a great way to teach children early about giving away some of what you have, either to those who have less, or to some other cause to make the world a better place. I like that this one has the word for charity in Hebrew, Tzedakah, which actually translates "justice", according to Wikipedia. ;-)I love the multicultural lesson inherent in this bank, as well.

Facebook | Suicide | Self-harm | Depression - Awareness & Support Day

A former student of mine has a support group on Facebook, to provide support but also raise awareness about suicide, self-harm and depression. I am so proud of the work he is doing. It is the kind of thing I hope my kids never need but live in the kind of community where people do these kinds of things. And I hope they grow up empowered to work to make a difference like this!

March 1, 2009, there willl be a Suicide/Self-harm/Depression Awareness & Support Day in Newton, MA.

I hope this blog gets more traffic before then so someone might learn about it here. ;-)

Warm Prayers,

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The World as It Should Be

This is another example of why I am voting for Bacack Obama. If my children should be gay or lesbian, bisexual or transgender, I want them to live in The World as It Should Be

Poetry & Parenting

I'm very excited to be taking my first poetry course in a looooong time! It is a 3 session class callled "Poetry & Parenting". My last one was way before my 2 year old was born. When I first saw that the only offering through the Bedford Learning Connection, my reaction was one of "Oh man, I can't even escape parenting in a poetry workshop!" But then I thought about it? What brings me more joy? What brings me more frustration? What am I most invested in?

So this workshop is actually perfect. The description says we'll look at Sharon Olds poems, for one. This is exciting. I loved her from the first poem I read of hers. Her mothering poems struck a chord in my baby pangs (I'd wanted children for such a long time). She has a new collection out called One Secret Thing. I've been enjoying her Strike SparksL: Selected Poems", and expect some of her best mothering poems from this collection will be among conversation at my workshop!

Take Action | Save Darfur

I don't know about you, but I tend to "forget" about problems so huge, it seems there isn't anything I can do. Darfur is one such emergency. But I found at least one website that give lists some ways we all *can* Take Action to Save Darfur. If you happen upon this post, visit the site today.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Let's get real...

I started this blog to keep memories of the babies, and to say a little something about what matters to me as a parent. After becoming a parent, all the stuff I felt passionate about seemed to intensify...like leaving this world better than I found it became even more important. And seeing some of the hideous stuff that goes on in our country and the world was more troublesome. And having a faith community became more vital.

And well, being real seems more important. Well, let's get real. I know not many folks read this (like I have one wonderful friend who calls himself a "fan" of my blog...thank you, David! :-). But on the chance someone does read this, I thought I should post about the one thing I haven't posted about. I have posted about all the wonderful things my babies are doing, all the wonderful things I see out in the world (Like Voices Rising!), and the things that trouble me (McCain, Iraq, etc.). But I haven't said anything about my daily reality.

Raising children with a disability is freakin' hard! LOL! Right now I'm having a peaceful day. I have to keep my oldest behind the gate that keeps him in our bedroom and his. He has started to do things out in the kitchen that could get him seriously hurt, and I just can't physically do a lot about it.

{{Sigh}} To be honest, these have been very mellow days, because he hasn't been making the messes he used to make, either. But it just brings home the fact that I'm "not like other mothers". And I "know" that I'm not different in any way that really matters....most days. And in fact I know that my disability has given me insights and abilities that I can pass on to my children that they will benefit from...like teaching them to appreciate that their reality is not everyones' reality. And that we need to work for a just world for everyone. And you don't have to let barriers keep you from doing what really matters to you. But then I have other days where I just feel inept and inferior.

So now I can feel better if any other disabled moms happen upon this blog that I've been honest. ;-) That's a relief.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Our First Bedford Day

I'm looking forward to our first Bedford Day. We've been here for 2 other Bedford days, but had a 4 month old the first year, and a 3 month old the second. ;-)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rev. Debra Haffner: Yes, Sex Education in Kindergarten!

I liked the Rev. Debra Haffner's recent Huffington Post pieceYes, Sex Education in Kindergarten!. She not only addresses the importance of educating children about their bodies *early*, but slams the republicans for trying to scare people thinking that Barack Obama would have us teaching 5 years olds about intercourse and birth control.

Palin's stance of abstinance only education scares me. And yeah...the easy one...how's that workin' for her family? Blessings to her daughter on her tough and courageous decision, but come on! You can teach your children that it is a great thing to wait for marriage, but you have to prepare them in case the *don't* make the decision YOU would choose for them!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Voices Rising....and oh, how they rose!

Yesterday was a celebration for the First Church of Bedford to mark their decision to become an Open & Affirming church. To mark the event, we invited the woman's choral group Voices Rising. They were amazing! They sing so beautifully, and with such passion. My favorite selection was No Turning Back by Pat Humphries. (This link is to an NPR piece where you can hear No Turning Back *and* Swimming to the Other Side, an old favorite of mine.)

My children are two and one, so they were home so as to not totally interrupt the performance. But I can't wait for them to hear this kind of music live. Music that celebrates what ties all of us together, music of love and peace. Amen.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sweet Sounds

Evan is growing into such a sweet little boy. He loves to say "Daddy home!" when Kevin drives up the driveway. When I get home from working out at the Y, with summer having the door open, I hear "Hi Mama!" when I walk in. He says "More chicken -please!"!...and my favorite - "Thank you, Mommy!" for just about every little thing.

Yes, my child is the smartest, cutest child on the planet. Of course. ;-)


Elephant Dreams | Fit Pregnancy

My niece Shelley is expecting her 3rd child very soon. She has been blogging about her experience at Once Upon a Pregnancy on FitPregnancy.com - but I'm too technically challenged to figure out how to add her blog to my "favorite blogs" list. So just go there and read all her entries! And check my list of favorite blogs for her blog "Parentgood" that I *was* able to link to! :-) It's a great blog about keeping parenting "simple" - well,as simple as parenting can be! LOL! Iespecially appreciated this post on 5 ways to remain calm!

Friday, September 05, 2008

HeyGirlMommaGo — Dragonflies, Part II

So I was reading a favorite blog of mine HeyGirlMommaGo, by a local woman I met at a New Mom's Tea put on by our local parents' group. This one, Dragonflies, Part II, just hit me. I haven't had such moments with my 2 year old and one year old yet - they're 2 and 1 ;-) - but just *imagining* them...teary eyes. Enjoy.

Palin Owes Some Good People an Apology (by Jim Wallis)

Jim Wallis wrote a wonderful piece on Sarah Palin's attack on Obama's experience as a community organizer. I was very put off by her condescending and sarcastic attack of Obama's early career, and the implication that somehow that was not important leadership work, work that more than qualifies Obama to lead the country. More than that, I didn't like how she was belittled that work in general. How dare she?! This is a great article about just how important that work was, and how important the work community organizers are doing now really is to our country. I hope I teach my children this, and that if they ever become community organizers, nobody belittles them. They'll have me to answer to!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Skirt magazine sends out a daily email that often delights, inspires and/or educates me. This one was so perfectly timed, I just had to share.


Monday, September 01, 2008

Evan knows Mama loves her coffee!

So Evan notices and names many many things these days. He long ago learned to pick up his play phone and say "Tuccis (Bertucci's), table please". Now when we leave Bertucci's, he points to and names the "Tucci sign", as well as the "big giant clock" that hangs outside Bertuccis, and "Mommy coffee store" - the coffee shop next to Bertuccis where I've gotten coffee ONCE! LOL! He talks about it every time we come and go from Bertuccis now. My son looks after Mama's coffee habit well. :-)

Saturday, August 30, 2008


So now (I kid you not), when we ask Evan, "Who is the next president going to be, Evan?", he says, quite enthusiastically), "O-bama!". I'm so proud. ;-)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Earlier today, Evan lovingly settled three of his teddies on a pillow on the floor. He woke from his nap a little while ago, got down off the bed, and quietly laid down on the pillow next to his bears. Everyone is back asleep now...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Beach

Today was our first trip as a family to the beach. We went to Russel's Farm first, which we hadn't been to since Evan was a baby. Evan loved climbing on the tractor they have there. Such smart places for children, that have a tractor in the middle of everything. Amelie couldn't decide if she wanted to go up to the turkeys and geese and pet them...or run away from them. She held on to our legs a LOT.

Then we went to the beach. Amelie is content so long as you don't lower her into the water. Evan ran in circles around the edge of the water before going in. He's got quite a kick. We also discovered Springsbrook Park, right here in Bedford this summer. Evan loves the water, and the sprinkler park - which he is very adept at *saying*!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our little girl is such a good eater!

No surprise there, she takes after her parents. Here is Amelie at Daniel's birthday party enjoying her slice of pizza - that she downed completely by herself all the way down to the crust!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Such sweet manners

My little boy Evan has such sweet manners. He must get them from his Daddy. ;-) He is more and more frequently saying "More chicken *please*!" or whatever he wants with please on the end. And then he has the most enthusiastic "Thank you, MOMMY!" I've ever heard! He is getting ready for potty training because he says "Evan diaper!" most emphatically. Now he has picked up my phrase "Clean diaper time!" but says it much more sing-songy and cutely than I do.

We're enjoying watching him color, when he doesn't decide to snack on the crayons. And he loves Springsbrook Park here in Bedford. He laughs as he runs through the sprinkler section of the park, and is really good at kicking when he swims.

Amelie is totally mobile now. And she's serious about getting around and getting at what she wants. She's my "growly girl", as she growls quite often when she is happy about something...usually with pride in something she's just done. She also has a wonderful way that she *growls* "Ma-Ma!".

We're weaning. She still wakes me often at 2:30 in the morning, and I am often grumpy about it...but I'm going to miss nursing so I shouldn't be that way. It will make life so much easier, but I'm so torn about it.

I think I wrote earlier about Amelie leaning in for kisses. Evan is quite the lovey-dovey kisser too. ;-) I fantasize about life getting easier when they are less needy physically, but this is such a precious time in little ones' lives. I worry about wishing it away.

All for now,


Monday, August 04, 2008

Emily Melcher

Emily Melcher is a friend and neighbor. We were blessed to hear a grace she had recently written the other evening. Check out her music!

Evan's first *friend* birthday party

Evan went to his first "friend" birthday party this week. He was actually quite odd...we talked up "Daniel's party" all week, and he seemed very excited. But then when we got there, he got *very* upset, and fussed most of the party. However, he hasn't stopped talking about the party since! So he must have had more fun than it appeared. Here he is pushing his sister on a swing at My Gym. Such a nice brother.

Friday, August 01, 2008


A friend of mine (a guy! :-), just turned me on to BlogHer. It's a directory of blogs by women. I dream about taking the time to write interesting, coherent, focused blog entries. You can search by topic and post your own blog.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Eco-friendly, Fair Trade shops in Massachusetts

When I was in New Jersey visiting Evan and Amelie's Nana, Aunt Jenn and Uncle Rob and cousin Nora, I discovered this great little fair-trade eco-market called Terra. I was completely blissed-out. :-) I just love shops where you know your purchases are helping save the Earth's resources for our children, or helping women and families in other parts of the world make a living wage. I also love crafts from other cultures. So I decided I needed to find shops that carry these kinds of things near us. My research lead me to Perfectly Natural Home in Sudbury, Crossroads Trade in Brookline, Ten Thousand Villages in Cambridge,

Friday, July 25, 2008

Why We Sing: Welcome

I love to watch programming that makes me feel hopeful that the country my children are growing up in will be a more just place someday, that celebrates *everyone's* gifts, the experiences of all of our worlds' citizens.

In June I caught Why We Sing, a PBS documentary about gay choruses. Here is what their website says about the show: "Songs often touch us where spoken words cannot, and that's one of music's great powers. Why We Sing! shows the transformative power of gay, lesbian and transgender choral music – how it uplifts, inspires and unites. By exploring the history of this 30-year-old movement, Why We Sing! traces recent gay and transgender rights struggles in America while showing how singers and music lovers from around the globe have been moved to change their worlds through song."

You can buy the DVD of this special on their website. I would recommend it for any church or other group interested in the passion of the music of these choruses.

Evan discovered sunglasses...

Evan discovered sunglasses while we were in New Jersey. He loved to put on his sunglasses. They're extra big on his eyes so he looks like Elton John. What a cool cat. listen

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Multicultural this &that, environmental blah blah...what's it all about?

Everyone who wants to raise their children to appreciate different cultures, work for peace, and protect the planet probably has very similar reasons for doing so when you get right down to it. And I don't have any illusions that what I'm about to say here is the least bit "new" or "original". It's just my take on it all.

Growing up disabled, I noticed, probably on a subconscious level, that the role models presented to me were mostly male, and mostly white, and almost 100% able bodied. I never thought about how this impacted my view of the world, or of myself. I grew up believing the world was mostly a fair, and good place. But I must have known this wasn't really the truth. I was also rooting for the underdog. My friends were mostly folks who weren't in the "mainstream". I gravitated towards people who had struggled in some way.

When I entered Wheelock College, for the first time I realized how important the "other" people in this world were. I learned about teaching children about people who had different experiences from them growing up. And I learned that life in the the Good Old US of A and its capitalist system is *anything* but fair...as much as most of us want it to be.

And I learned of all that humans do in the name of having what we want regardless of the toll it takes on the Earth. And that if we keep acting in the same old ways, this Earth won't be the same for our descendants. So when I use something over and over again in an almost obsessive way, it is because I feel I'm giving my children a gift. When I limit the number of toys I give them that are made of plastic, I'd like to believe I'm leaving them things in this world

I learned that stairs are a matter of justice. If someone uses a wheelchair and the only way into a place is up stairs, that is an injustice. It isn't just "unfortunate", it is wrong. Poverty isn't just "unfortunate"...it is a social ill we need to work tirelessly to put an end to. Reducing our consumption isn't just a yuppie trend,, it is an obligation I feel towards my children and their grandchildren so that the Earth they live on is as beautiful as the one I enjoy.

When I buy toys and other things for my children that are made by people from other cultures, it isn't just to be "en vogue". It is because I want them to have some idea of the experiences, culture, values and struggles of people in different parts of this world we all share. There is One Great Big God and She loves *every* one of us, and manifests Herself to us through countless faiths.

So these are my "lofty" thoughts of the day. Now Amelie is melting down because she's tired and needs to nurse. Later I'll probably rewrite this...it isn't nearly as eloquent sounding, or focused for that matter ;-), as I'd like.

Until then...peace.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nana's House

Evan and Amelie both had a wonderful visit at Nana's house for Nana's birthday. Amelie walked at Nana's house for the first time, although she's been walking for a few weeks. And Evan returned to a favorite toy - a *pink* castle with a flag that makes a great trumpet sound when you take down the drawbridge.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Blowing Raspberries!

Tonight, Evan and Amelie were blowing raspberries at each other from their high chairs until they laughed each other silly! They really do enjoy each other...now if they could just hold onto that love through adolescence. ;-) listen

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Evan says thunder...and lots of other words!

Evan says, "thunder" now, when he hears thunder. After tonight's thunder storm, we ate out on the porch. After dinner, Evan brought all of the soda and juice bottles out on to the porch, and then helped Daddy bring them all back in. What a good boy! :-) listen

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Evanloves to help!

Evan is so helpful these days! When the phone rings, he brings it to me and says, "phone!". He also helps bring dishes out to the kitchen and helps us empty the dish washer. listen

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Evan loves chimes!

Evan has loved chimes for a long time. One of his first words was chimes, and he takes much enjoyment from the ones we have on our porch. I remember the first time he pointed to and names chimes *other* than the ones we have when we were out somewhere. Well *now*, he can reach up high enough to hit the little wooden thingy that hits the chimes and makes them ring!(I'll edit this post later with the name of the "thingy" so I sound smarter!;-)

Connecting with other parents...

I currently don't get much traffic on this blog, mostly because I haven't publicized it much since I haven't had time to keep it current anyway. Well, now that I am and I will be posting a lot about my children and issues related to raising children I would like to connect up with other parents who are hoping and trying to share some of the same things with their children. I eagerly hope to bring my children up in an environment that fosters an appreciation and interest in other cultures, and a passion for making our world a place where peace and justice are more prevalent. So,I'd be interested in sharing ideas and resources with any other parents (or teachers for that matter) who happen upon this page! I'm interested in books (for children and adults), music, toys, activities and practices...as well as organizations and/or websites with ideas. Feel free to email me!. listen

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I'm back at the YMCA working out!

Any busy mom who fights her weight will appreciate this. I haven't been to the Y to workout since before Evan was born. He just turned 2. And now I am finally back working the FittLinx program at the Y. (For those who don't know, it is a spiffy computer program that keeps track of how many reps you do at what weight on each machine, and calculates how much weight you lift a session, a week, and a month!) For a somewhat compulsive personality like mine ;-), this is just great! It really motivates you to keep improving.

I am sooo pleased to be doing this for myself, and I know my family will also reap the benefits because working out will make me less stressed, thereby making me friendlier ;-) - and it will get me in better shape to do more things with them!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Evan put together 7 Legos pieces tonight!

This was the first time Evan ever put together so many pieces all at once! He is getting so many new words, so many new skills...he's growing so fast!

Amelie's kisses

Amelie has such a little personality now. She reaches in towards you for kisses now, and even makes a little "Mmmmmm" smoochy sound!

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Babies Love Their Wagon!

Does anyone else have a wagon and two children to take on rides in it? Evan and Amelie's Uncle Rob and Aunt Jenn gave them the cutest red wagon for Christmas, and they are *loving* it! They face each other and are secured in with seat belts, so they can look at each other, but can only barely touch. So they can't really annoy each other. (More like Evan can't poke or otherwise harass his sister. ;-)

We walk around the neighborhood and it is so much fun to watch them giggle and laugh at each other and their surroundings!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

New focus, new links

So a little bit about my change in focus for my blog. I'm still going to post about random things, but it will all be tied together by the focus on my children. Kevin suggested I use my blog as sort of a "baby book" to keep a record of their new skills and stuff, since I've had so little luck remembering or finding time to keep an actual baby book. ;-)

So there will entries about all the exciting things they are doing. I'm using Jott (http://www.jott.com) to help me keep a record of things I want to blog about until I can get online. And I'll still be blogging about my hobbies, my political beliefs, and my faith...because these all relate to my being their Mama. I hope to share some of my hobbies with them someday. My political beliefs and activism will hopefully leave their world a better place. And I hope above all else, to pass on my faith to my children.

I have added some links to the sidebar of my blog, and thought I'd post an entry about them. I added links to our churches and to Barack Obama's website. I added them to this "new and improved chilld-centered blog" because I think that our churches and our church life are important influences for our children. I added a link to Barack Obama's website because he is our choice for president. I strongly believe he is the best choice to transform our country into the peaceful, just place our children deserve. listen

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So many words from Evan (like God!) and Amelie is almost walking!

So Evan is naming *everything* these days. And he's added possesive's too. "Daddy's towel" instead of just "towel". "Mommy's chair", instead of just pointing to my wheelchair and saying chair. He also knows both of our churches we attend. We have a water bottle from Hope Church in Roslindale, and he points to it and says, "Hope church bottle". Jamie Howard is our fabulous minister at First Church in Bedford. We have a magnet on our frig, and he points to it and says "Jamie church!".

Amelie is "this close" to walkling. She stands on her own for several seconds now, grinning ear-to-ear. She took two steps and dropped to the floor today. We think she said juice the other day, adding to "Mama" and "Dadda".

I was reading "What is God's Name" to Evan recently and he said, "God". :-) So many great happenings. Recently I was reading him an animal picture book and he pointed to every animal and names them ALL! More later....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The first African American president?

So I just had to add that this month, Evan saw part of Barack Obama's speech when he clinched the democratic nomination for president. I will tell him he witnessed this when he is older. Even if he doesn't win, this was so cool. Although I would like my son's first 5 years to be mostly under a democrat president...although just one that isn't as abismal as Bush has been will be an improvement...if McCain isn't just a clone of Bush.

The big picture things we worry about for our chidren....


New Focus on my Blog

So I had promised myself I was going to blog more often...that was how many months ago? Motherhood is just very very all consuming. So...since one of the things I'm not doing that I wish I were is writing in their baby books...I decided to combine that with my desire to blog. It'll become their online baby book. ;-)

So, one thing a day is what I've promised myself. Evan is singing now. He sings the "Amen" song from church that we sing when the children proceed down the aisle with the weekly offering before communion. He sings the theme from Jack's Big Music Show. And he sings along when I play a recording of "Peace Like a River" that he also learned at church.

Amelie is so assertive. And I just love it. She lunges for what she wants! She is standing and cruising and just oh-so close to walking. My life is going to change forever when that happens, but so is hers! She is going to just love it. She is the happiest, smiliest baby!

Evan has also learned how to open the drawers with all our office-supply type stuff in the living room. He's doing that right now, and so here ends my first "Baby Book" blog post. If nobody reads these, the babies will when they get older. ;-)

Until Later,