Friday, February 16, 2007


So I've come to realize I'm not going to be writing any extensive, thoughtful, eloquent essays on children and/or motherhood. I just don't have the time or energy. So, rahter than waiting on the time or energy...I'm just gonna post the tiny thoughts when they come.

I'm amazed at the Spirit of children. And the patience...sometimes. ;-) Not at meal time...that spoon has to keep moving in a steady motion to keep the food coming, or my little guy registers his displeasure quite clearly. ;-) But I can be emailing someone while Evan sits in his stroller and suddenly realize time has gotten away from me..and I fret "Oh God, I've had him sitting in this thing way too long". I turn to him, and he just gives me the biggest "I love you" grin - complete with two new bottom teeth, and a full-blown, glorious raspberry! :-)He's learned how to put his feet up on the front of his stoller and really chill out. He's just so cool!

All for now...


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