Friday, September 02, 2005

Speed's Hotdogs! ;-) (Entertainment/food)

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Friday, Sept. 2 - We went back again today, and I had another lovely conversation with Speed! He's thinking of opening a restaurant somewhere between Boston and Worcester! We would travel any distance for his food - hotdogs or not! (Actually, if we had his food anymore often than we probably shouldn't be these arteries ya know. ;-)

July 14, 2005 - Tee hee! Kevin and I had lunch (and dinner and probably tomm.'s lunch ;-) at the *world* famous "Speed's Hotdog Stand"! Kevin has known about it for a while. And when I read this article I thought it sounded "good", but re-reading it, it is ALL true. Speed's dogs are incredibly delicious...much more a gourmet experience than "just a hotdog".

And Speed himself was gracious and friendly. His assistant was at the grill today, and Speed seemed he was mostly greeting folks when we arrived. It was so much fun. If you live in Boston, or are just planning a visit, you *must* go visit Speed and have one of his dogs - with everything on it (at least the first time ;-)

I forget in which cultures cooks actually feel at least a BIT insulted if you don't belch....because it is a way of showing you're enjoying the meal......{{{BURP!}}} LOL!

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