Thursday, September 08, 2005

Random Musing: music, poetry, other art....

So I was listening to my local country radio station on the way home, and on came Tim McGraw. I don't like *all* of his stuff, in fact I really don't like "Indian Outlaw". But I love love love some of his songs. "Live like you were dying" is especially touching to me. When I'm ranting (to someone else or just to myself alone in my car ;-), about something STUPID, and that song comes on, it just nails me every time.

Today it was "Do You Want Fries With That?". Yes, it is a funny song. And the guy in the song is totally bitter and thinking mean thoughts. And that is exactly WHY I love it. For one, you can tell by the tone with which McGraw sings this song, that it is totally tongue-in-cheek. But more to the point...don't we all know SOMEONE who lost their wife to another guy, and is now paying his wife alimony? Or someone in a similiar *kind* of situation? And the "character" in this song, his reaciton is totally funny.

I also like "Drugs or Jesus" about how for many, hard times result in either "good" choices, or "bad" choices. We all look for comfort from our pain. Some of us choose drugs, food, tv., sex, or something else that when used to an excess just make our problems worse. Some of us are able to choose faith, or some other outlet that sooths our pain but also leads us somewhere healthier. I think it is our job as people to help each other make good choices. And not to put it TOO dramatically...I think something as simple as a song can sometimes be that influence that helps us. Gary Chapman has been such an influence on me.

This post has no real point, except to extol the virtues of the songs, poems, paintings, sculptures, movies, books or stories - you name it - that have given us inspiration or comfort, and helped us on our Journey.

This was my first Random Musing. I'd love to hear what you think if you've read it. :-)


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