Sunday, September 04, 2005

I've missed church!

Today I visited Park Avenue Congregational Church.

If you've read my blog for a while, you may remember my earlier posting about how please I was with the UCC for their July 4th declaration that any discrimination denying people the right to get married was wrong, whether those people were black, white, able-bodied, disabled, straight or gay. (Well, this was particularly about denying gay couples the right to get married, but you get the point: discrimination is discrimination).

This Sunday's sermon was on Building. It was the planned topic before the hurricane, but the horror in LA made the theme all the more timely. And the sermon spoke of how we need to build things that will make God happy. And *think* when we do things...what am I building? As someone hoping to be a parent someday, this was touching to me as I thought about the kind of home we will build for our children, and the kind of family we will build upon the family we already are.

I've missed church. I like to think that God and what (S)He would want of me is on my mind and my heart most of the day, every day. But its good for the soul to have a place to go where the MAIN focus of your time and attention is God; be it praying in gratitude for your blessings, praying either for yourself or a loved one...praying for forgiveness or for the strength to forgive someone else...or sharing with and supporting others. And reminding ourselves that God has called us; to love each other as ourselves, to do unto others as we would have them do unto us, and to share our faith.

As I thought about all the people hurting in Louisiana, I thought of how blessed I am. My family is well. My aunt just came home from a stay in a hospital and a rehab. facility where they took really good care of her. We have a beautiful new niece and loving godchildren. I have a new job that I just can TELL I'm going to love. So naturally, I started to cry. I hope nobody thought I was in some kind of crisis. LOL! ;-)

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