Saturday, September 24, 2005

Amy Grant's Three Wishes : Manna From Hollywood: Charity Begins on TV - New York Times (random musing)

I basically agree with this NY Times article. I like the *idea* of the show, just not the way they produce it. They let people cry in a really exploitive way. And they also send this message that only through charity and celebrities can people get what they need.

For example, the little girl who's parents couldn't afford her surgery. The government should be COVERING this kind of health care! If she lived in a better country, they would. And the father who wanted to adopt his stepson? Hello. He could have done so without the help of Amy Grant rushing around town with a camera and FLAGGING down the town's judge on a airplane runway.

But I thought the storyline of the boy's gratitude to his stepfather was sweet. I just dont' think they should portray people as totally pathetic, it isn't respectful. And I especially don't like them portraying physical malody as tradgedy. The fact that the girl had to wear a protective helmet, ok. But the fact that her face didn't "Look right"....that is shameless lookism. And next week's show I hear dips into ableism, portraying a person who can't walk as experiencing one of the worst tradgedies possible.

I hope they might continue to do these good things....but without the high drama and the ableism and lookism.

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