Saturday, August 06, 2005

Summer 2005 Travels

On my website, I have entries for every summer since I met Kevin, describing all of the wonderful places we've travelled to, as well as descriptions of childhood vacation spots. I missed Summer 2004, but I'll reconstruct and blog it. Meanwhile, there are pictures of our Summer 2003 Travels in my webshots album. (See "Pictures" link to the left).

This summer has had its own wonderful travels. We started as soon as school ended with a return trip to see the Trambley family in Warren, PA. Adam is the minister at Trinity Memorial Church there.

We went to Vermont and visited The King Arthur Flour Baker's Store. And we took at tour at the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory. We got to see how their teddy bears are made, how they are repaired in the "bear hospital", and we got a souvenier mini-cut-out in the shape of a bear! Over the years, we have become the proud parents of a misfit bear, a Graduation Bear, (thanks, Aunty!), an Angel Bear (thanks, Jenn & Rob!), as well as one we won from a radio station that I couldn't find on the website. ;-)

We spent the evening at the Juniper Hill Inn, which is where we spent our wedding night. They are such lovely people. Every little detail shows how much they care about their visitors. Oh, and they are also members of the Green Hotels Association. I guess they're the people responsible for "on the floor, please replace, on the towel rack, I'll use again". ;-) I journaled in one of their guestbooks, as I'm sure I did seven years ago. I loved reading other couples stories. Discussing this with our innkeeper, she told me about a wonderful group of historians in Vermont, who maintain Flow of History.

We also went to Shelburne Farms, and I milked my first cow ever! She was pregnant, due in October. S'pose she brought me luck? Time will tell. ;-) One place we didn't get to visit that I hope we might someday is the Vermont Wildflower Farm.

Then we went to Washington, D.C. and took a tour of National Public Radio. This was our second time taking "da tour", but one tour didn't seem like enough for the man who maintains . I tried really hard to not act like a groupie (one, because that is sooo undignified, but also because being an NPR Groupie just seems like the nerdiest thing in the entire *WORLD* ;-) ). But nonetheless, a few times when passing so-and-so's office, even though "so-and-so" wasn't even IN their office, I had to quietly whisper to Kevin, "Groupie Moment!". Seeing Neal Conan do his thing was waaaay cool. I also enjoyed seeing the engineers and producers you never even see on websites. I got a real kick out of seeing how much some of them just LOVE their jobs. You could tell they have fun at work, and they do great work! Scott Simon is my favorite NPR personality...but now I'm really sounding like an NPR junkie.

After spending a lovely evening with Aunt Toni and Uncle Bernie, we went to the Hirshorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. It was July 19, the 10th anniversary of my father's death. Part of the Smithonian, I thought Dad would have been pleased to know I married someone who enjoyed Smithsonian museums with me.

My favorite temporary exhibit was definitely Visual Music. And of the various works of art within that exhibit, my most favorite without a doubt was the Color Organs! I could have sat and just stared at these for hours. They are so peaceful and beautiful. Simply Serene. You can check out their online, interactive exhibit to get a sense of what it's like.

We also spent a weekend in Bar Harbor, Maine and relived getting engaged. (See Summer 1997 on my webpage if you care ;-). We loved Acadia National Park and Cadillac Mountain just as much at sunset (twice) as we did at sunrise. ;-) We visited Eartha, the "World’s Largest Revolving/Rotating Globe". Guinness has made it official. :-) The picture above is from the outside of the building, from their website. Click to see more pics.

In the morning we enjoyed a lovely breakfast at 2 cats Restaurant, and although we didn't stay at the inn, I did shop at their store and get some cute stuff with their logo on it! Before we left, we went to Timber Tina's Great Maine Lumberjack Show" - a Lumberjack & jill show! We had seen Lumberjack events on television, and so we thought we would find the show at least funny in a campy way, but it was more than that...a very funny and interesting show. Timber Tina was the host, and she was the consummate host! To learn more about women in logging sports, visit the homepage for Timber Tina's World Champion Lumberjills! (That's Timber Tina in the middle).

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