Saturday, August 20, 2005

So Much Great Music!

I've discovered sooo many new artists since I stopped updating my website. And recently many of my favorite artists are coming out with GREAT new music. Check out my Music Page for all the great music I discovered *before* we got satellite radio. ;-)

One singer-songwriter who I am liking more and more as she grows as an artist is Dar Williams. Her sound seems more varied to me now than it did when I discovered her in college. I love what I've heard of her new album, especially the song Echoes. It is all about making a conscious choice each day, or in each moment that you can, to do the kind, gentle, generous thing...and how even the littlest act on our part can have deep, eternal power. If you know me at *all*, you can picture me actually CRYING the first time I heard this song. I'm just a total sucker for this kind of song. If I could talk to Ms. Williams, I would be a total groupie and be like, "OMG Dar thank you so much for writing that SONG! I love it so *much*!". ;-) It totally appeals to the idealist in me, because it makes me feel like "Yes! There are other people who believe in world peace as much as I do!". :-) Dar even has a new project called Echoes Initiative. So this is more than just a song to her, too.

Some of the new artists I've discovered include Joss Stone and Los Lonely Boys. And speaking of Los Lonely Boys, one of the things XM has done for me is introduce me to Latin music. I *think* I like Shakira. But as this review points out, it might just be because I don't understand Spanish! On the other hand, since I don't understand it, I might be misunderstanding the lyrics because word-for-word translations don't always capture the "real meaning" of a song. Keep watching this post...I'll keep bumping it up to my current page when I add to it.

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