Thursday, August 04, 2005

Shawn Garvey - Pastor, Poet - and old school chum! :-)(Music/Spiritual/Personal-friends)

Shawn Garvey is a UCC minister *and* a talented musician. His website is already listed on my old site, but I wanted to post about his show in Bloomfield, NJ Sunday Oct. 23, 2005. I've yet to hear him in person, but Shawn is such a wonderful soul, I can confidentally tell you that if he's in your neck of the woods, you NEED to go hear him!

According to his calendar, he'll be playing near my inlaws! :-) I am fortunate to have known Shawn since middle school (before he was a minister OR a rising acoustic music star).

History: I sat in front of him in Mr. Topham's English class at Chenery Middle School back in 1983? ;-) I was also a Performing Arts Company wannabe at Belmont High School because off all the "cool kids" like Shawn. He was definately one of the sweetest of the "cool artsy kids". No wonder he loves acoustic/contemporary folk-rock music!

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