Sunday, August 21, 2005

Get Involved - Change your World! You CAN! (Political - resources)

So I've been blogging new sites by topics that fit the topics from my old site. And I've slowly been trying to post at least ONE entry for EACH of my pages, to sort of "bring them up to date".

One of my favorite pages on my website is my Political Page. (Link in post title...most of my post titles are isn't obvious). I've listed several issues or causes that really matter to me, and provided links to organizations that seem to be making an honest, and meaningful effort to effect change in our world. This is something that inspires me on a personal and spiritual level, and intellectually, just makes SENSE to me. I love to find webpages that list resources for me to get involved, and I started my page mostly for my own reference.

So check my Political page of my old site. Some links will be broken until I have time to weed them out. And this will be the new home of all NEW links. Such as these:

Make Poverty History - seems like a good idea to me. Let's hope those 8 rich white guys do all they can, since they have a lot more power than you or I. But we DO have power....and that's important to never forget. Check out the site! And get a white band

Corporate Social Responsibility Reports. This is Starbucks'. I think it would be great if everyone could *insist* that every corporation in the country had to put one of these out quarterly. Maybe if we only give our business to companies that do it...all the others would be forced to? I'll update this post with other companies that are socially responsible...or at least put out reports to let consumers know HOW socially responsibly they are being. ;-)

Equal Marriage Now
Many organizations, in this case N.O.W., are fighting for equal rights for gay people to get married. I'll post further links soon, but in the meantime my old Political page still has *some* good links for gay rights, and I'm sure they've added the fight for eqaul marriage rights if they didn't have resources on this before.

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