Sunday, August 21, 2005

George Bush - rant

From time to time I will take the opportunity to rant. If you know me, you know I HAVE to rant when I get torked off about something...and I am thinking about all the times I've read peoples editorials etc. on websites and blogs and thought "Yeah! What she said!". So I hope some folks get that experience if they drop in here and happen upon a "rant". ;-)

On my old page, I would call the people and organizations I was angered by nasty names. It was actually *fun* getting torked, and then using that adrenaline to rant - and I'll admit - pretty obnoxiously. I got some pretty ugly emails as a result. I have to say that some of those emails resulted in surprisingly open conversations with people who disagreed with me. But still, I've decided it is more mature to just state my problem with something and *try* to temper my language. ;-)

So naturally, my first rant on my new blog HAD to be about George W. Bush. He was on my list on my old website, but he just keeps making me angrier. Well, this N.O.W. website The Truth About George covers most of the bases.

He wants to legislate his religion. And I just can't stand that. He has fought against gay marital rights, and against a woman's right to choose. I understand his feelings on both of these issue...but what HE doesn't understand is that the Constitution says that no leader should legislate in this way. Our society has people who are of a faith that doesn't have a problem with homosexuality. And there are people who do not believe that abortion is murder. Leaders can't be MAKING these decisions FOR citizens. It goes against everything the US was *founded* on.

GWB also lied to get us into a war. While I agree that democracy should be a part of *every* government...leaders should not send our soldiers to other countries to kill people just to establish democracy. This is just my two cents. Check out TTAG for more info. on what's wrong with our current administration in 2005.

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