Thursday, August 04, 2005

Dove's new ad campaign (Political)

When Tush Comes to Dove by Seth Stevenson

It was only a matter of time before I found an article on the web about this. I love Dove's new ad campaign! But Kevin reminded me of what my Wheelock "graduate of Gail Dines' courses on feminism and the media" background taught me back in the late 80's to early '90s. The media, especially advertising, is all about making people (especially women and minorities) feel either inferior or invisible, so that you need to buy their products to "fix" your inferior self. (By "their" products, I mean the advertisers' *and* the media's because after all, they are one in the same: commercial media wouldn't EXIST without the advertisers and their products to sell).

{{Sigh}}. I hate when my bubbles burst. But I suppose I'd rather be genuinely happy in an informed way, than ignorantly blissfull. I suppose....

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